Making Up My Mind Of What To Do Today

Wednesday April 13, 2022 Guerneville CA.


When I got up this morning it was raining a bit.rain1



I was going to go kayaking today but now I wasn’t sure what to do.

Should I go kayaking or go shopping for some food?

Headed to the ocean

I decided to take a ride down to Jenner to the ocean and see how strong the wind was and maybe go kayaking. I was thinking of checking out the turkey vulture’s nest again.

I drove on down the road along the river towards Jenner.road3



Just coming into the little Town of Jenner up ahead, by the ocean where I kayak a lot. It wasn’t raining down here yet.jenner6


I drove just past the town of Jenner to the overlook where the river comes into the ocean at the river’s mouth. Looking up the river from the overlook.overlook7


The view of the river and the ocean looking south.river8


River’s mouth is closed

The river’s mouth is closed up with sand that the ocean washes up into it.rivermouth9


As you can see the river is dammed up with sand so the mouth is closed until it washes out the sand.mouth10


Harbor seals

There were less harbor seals down here than normal as there’s usually a couple hundred of them.seals11


I was thinking of putting my boat in the water so I drove back to the Jenner boat ramp to decide. The wind wasn’t bad but there was a chill on it so I decided against it.river12


Down along the coast

I started to head for home but on the way decided to head on in to shop going down along the coastline for about twenty miles before turning inland just to take a different way to the shopping areas for a change as it’s a very scenic route.

Cheese factory

I stopped at the cheese factory on the way and bought some cheese.cows13


Got it done

From there I went to Costco and did my shopping and went on home with my goodies and put them away.

Time for a nap which I did.

The rain had stopped but it’s supposed to start again tonight.

Some work

I did a bit of work moving the rest of these woodchips to the apple trees.pile15


I  noticed the neighbor’s cat nearby checking out some quail but she didn’t get any.cat16


Just before dark the clouds were starting to move in only dropping a few drops so far.sky17


Nice day.

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