Luther Burbank said, This Is the Chosen Spot of All the Earth

Tuesday August 9, 2022 Guerneville CA.

No stop light

I went to town to do some shopping this  morning. On my way back my brother noticed my right rear brake light was out so I decided I better have a look at it. I took the bulb out and tested it and it tested ok, but the button contacts looked smashed so I put some new solder on them to fix them up. I tried the bulb but no go.car1


I decided to let it go until tomorrow and look into it deeper.

Forest stuff

With nothing else planned for the day I jumped on the quad runner and rode up into the hills for a ride. I wanted to test out the quad after I adjusted the idle yesterday. It worked real well and didn’t die once today.  Fixed.

I rode around for about an hour stopping here and there to throw sticks and rocks off the roads.

Trail work

Eventually I ended up at the trail work area. I sat around a bit enjoying the day then did some trail work. I had most of the roots cut so it was a day of moving dirt to straighten the trail out. After I work on a spot I gather leaves and spread some out on the trail which mother nature will add too as fall progresses.

I worked a few hours on that and it’s looking good, so I sat around for a good rest.trail2


Trail walk

I walked out the rest of the old animal trail just to have a look to see how it was going through  here.trail3


The trail goes through here so I went this way.trail4


And I checked this part of it out. This part isn’t so steep and will be easier to fix up when I get around to it.trail5


Good find

When I was finished with all that I did some more resting in the chair. I found these two citrus fruits by a tree. I had forgot them the other day so today they were a treat.citrus6



I sat here and enjoyed the citrus fruit.view7


More work to do, ‘er, I mean exercise

A little after 7, I started down the hill on this trail and stopped here to inspect the trail as there are some water problems here that need fixing up so it doesn’t wash out the trail. More work when I get around to it. I’ll get that done before winter sets in.trail8



When I got home I found the chickens out enjoying the front yard where they like to graze when I let them into it at the end of the day.chickens9


Luther Burbank says, This is the chosen spot of all the earth

Judith, in comments, noticed how much fruity stuff we have around here and this might explain why.

Interesting enough I stumbled on this YouTube video the other day. This is where the shopping centers are that I use to shop, Santa Rosa, CA.

Luther Burbank, at one time owned our family property and when I ride up into the forest I go through one of his old apple orchards.

Also interesting I have the same birthday as he had. My thumb is a bit green, although maybe not as green as his was. :O)

Darn deer

And she wanted to know about those deer getting into my yard. I have it all fenced in and when they do get in, I have to chase them out, so I try to keep the gates closed.

Truly this area does have a lot of pluses. Good weather and very few bugs. among other things.

Nice day.

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