Low Wind Paddling Jenner and Some Waffling Fog Too

Monday April 12, 2021 Jenner CA.

Paddle day

It looked like the wind was down in the Russian River Estuary so once I got it going today I was off to paddle around the river for a bit.

I put in at the boat ramp at Jenner and paddled across the river to this spot which I usually do to decide which way to go for the day, up river or down river to the ocean. Down river today, so off I went down along the islands edge.jenner1


This pair of merganser ducks swam past me as I paddled along.ducks2


Some fog

Up ahead the fog seemed to be trying to come in off the ocean but otherwise it was sunny and low wind.fog3



These gulls were resting on the end of the island likely after feeding this morning. They like to come in here to the fresh water and bathe and preen and rest, sometimes by the thousands.gulls4


Sea lion

I heard some barking and splashing and this sea lion was hunting under water as it went on by. It comes up for air.lion5


I paddled on by the river’s open mouth where these seals where resting and headed down to the end of the river by that big rock they call Haystack Rock and you can see why they call it that.seals6


But before going to the rock I paddled across the river and went down this side as I headed that way.rock7


Haystack Rock

This is the end of the river and there is a nice spot to sit in one’s boat right by the rock which I did.haystack8



I had been sitting in my boat by the rock when I heard some commotion across the river from me and I could see this turkey vulture eating something.vulture9


Two gulls stole what the vulture had and took it out to this rock to eat so I paddled on over to see what they had to eat. They had a small fish they were consuming. They weren’t going to give it up as I approached right up to them.gulls10


Old jetty

Eventually I started back up the river going by the river’s open mouth area. I could see the ocean was fairly rough today.  Waves were breaking over the old jetty. That’s why I stay in the river, it’s much safer.jetty11


Up the island’s back channel I paddled taking my time and enjoying the day.channel12


Penny Island

There’s a place to get ashore on the upper end of the island so I went ashore.island13


I took a short walk around these big trees on the island and found a place to sit down for a rest.trees14



Eventually I got my boat back in the water and headed around the upper end of the island. Fog was moving in where I had just been in those big trees on the left. The fog was waffling going in and out and cleared back out as I headed for the boat ramp at Jenner.foggy15


The boat got loaded on my car and I headed on home for a much needed nap.

Nice day.

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One Response to Low Wind Paddling Jenner and Some Waffling Fog Too

  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    What an awesome yak and an awesome day for it! The water in the river looks peaceful but you are wise to not go in the ocean. Scary!!
    Lots of great critter sightings today and that looks like a lovely spot to take a rest in the trees. Reminds of Caribbean island pictures. :)

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