Lots of Birds Paddling Around Jenner and I Camp Out In the Van to Test It Out

Tuesday September 20, 2016 Jenner CA.

Lots of birds

It was a bit overcast as I entered the town of Jenner this morning and put my boat in the water. But the wind was down and I headed on down towards the closed river’s mouth area going by these birds resting on the sand.birds


I was headed down to the closed river’s mouth, just up ahead where there is even more birds.mouthbirds


Yes, the mouth is closed

The river’s mouth is closed and the water level at the visitor center is about six feet. It’s going to high tide and some of the waves are breaking over the sand bar that closes the mouth.mouth2


There were birds just about everywhere down here today, both on the sand, in the water and flying around in the air.

These were to the right of the closed river’s mouth.pels


Waves of birds

These were flying towards me in waves.pelfly


Just pelicans everywhere.pelicans


Eventually I headed up the river. I saw David taking his measurements up ahead, but he took off before I caught up to him.david


I continued up the river passing by these cormorants.cormorants


Did you notice the two harbor seals resting there too?seals


I paddled on up the river slowly stopping here and there and passed by these cormorants on the other side of the river.cors


I could see them, but I can’t catch them

I could see the biologists netting and collecting samples up by Paddy’s rock,  but I could see they were on their last one and would be gone before I could catch up to them, so I headed  back down the river instead going by these geese resting in the grasses.gooses


I also went by this great blue heron resting along the river’s edge.heron


I worked my way back down to the boat ramp and went on home for the day.

Testing the van out

My plan was to take my van up the hill here and camp for the night as I need to test it out some more.

Fixed the float at the water tanks

I stopped at the water tanks and added some more weight to the float ball and now it seems to work as it should going up and down with the water level in the tank.

Continuing on up the hill to camp

This is one of the roads I traveled up to my camp site for the night.road


Camp for the night

And this is my camp spot for the night. It’s a ridge top, down in a valley in the forest. My brother calls it Park Place, I think, as it is right next to Armstrong Woods State Property and looks fairly parkish.vancamp


So this is where I am right now camped and writing this blog. It’s dark right now. The cricket like noise making bugs are out making a lot of noise, but other than that no bugs are bothering me. I  can hear the hoot of an owl occasionally as I’m likely in it’s territory.

Van’s doing good

The van preformed well coming up the hill today. The van’s engine temperature stayed down below 200 degrees F. so that was good. It’s nice having this V8 power when going up in the hills, with the extra power the van just moves along smoother and the new front springs are heaven, very smooth compared to the old ones that where a bit too long and banging into the frame, but not anymore.

I’m going to get some dinner ready now and will post this in the morning when I return to my house.

Nice day and night too.

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  1. Upriverdavid says:

    Glad the van is working out swell…Funny that you mentioned cricket noise, I’m inside and they are making such a racket!..I wondered if I was having ear issues, nope they are out there, and my place is well sound/heat insulated….Just a Fall party I guess..hope they aren’t driving later….

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