Loading the Van and Barry and I Go For a Dirt Bike Ride Up In the Hills

Tuesday October 9, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Last day loading the van

Once I got it going today I was outside loading things in my van. Today mostly food stuff and clothes.van


Dirt bikes

I was checking the chickens water and feed when my brother Barry rode his dirt bike into the yard. He  needed some air in his tires.

I didn’t have a lot to do today so I decided to go with him for a ride on the family property across the road.

We’re off

I was close behind Barry as he went out my front gate.barry


We had to stop at his truck so he could get all his riding stuff on before heading up into the hills for our ride.suitup


A break at the ridge top

He told me to lead so I did taking him around the roads and trails until we got to the ridge top where we stopped for a bit. Barry’s sitting under the big tree on the left checking out road maps on his smart phone as I mentioned we’d been not taking all the short cuts on highway 20 east that I discovered lately.ridge



Here’s a picture of Guerneville. There is some fog sneaking in on the right on the mountain tops.guerneville


Fog looks like snow

From there we rode up to what’s called the top of the world to have a look. The snow on the hill tops is fog sneaking over the tops of the hills from the ocean which is also on the other side of those hills.fog


Barry’s talking about going down that hill and I say not me, too steep and besides I’m leading.top


Obstacles on the road

We had to stop and take this little rotten tree off the road to get by.tree


Always a little work

And we stopped at this creek crossing to improve it a bit to make it easier to cross.creek


Good ride

We had a nice ride for a couple hours. Eventually I headed back to Barry’s truck and said you can do the steep ones now, see you later and I went back to my yard to continue loading my van and got the boat on the top of it.

Chickens are fed

I thought I’d load up the chicken feeders for my helper so mixed some up in a bucket and loaded up all the chicken feeders so that’s ready to go.

I’ve only got a few things to complete to finish the van’s loading and I’ll do that in the morning before I leave.

Off on an adventure

So I’ll be off in the morning headed towards Winnemucca Nevada where I hope to post a blog in a couple days when I get there.

I’m off on another adventure. Nice day.

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One Response to Loading the Van and Barry and I Go For a Dirt Bike Ride Up In the Hills

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    I’m sure you’re anxious to head out on your trip. Are you travelling alone then? What beautiful views from up on the hilltops. I can see why it is called the top of the world! I sure don’t blame you for not going down that steep hill.
    Safe travels in the morning! Your chicks will miss your attention.

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