Legal Chore, Water Level, Dirt Bike Ride and Carmelo Squawks

Wednesday August 5, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Legal chore

I had a chore to do today and that was to go over to Santa Rosa, a big city to do the legal motorcycle transfer paperwork.

AAA follow the lines

I called ahead to the AAA office to see what I needed to do. They said follow the lines. I asked when was the best time and they said from 9 to 12 and not much line but after 12 and the line got long so I got it going, early for me and was there about 9:30 with only 4 people in the line so I didn’t have to wait long.

Nice lady helps me

The lady says, let’s see, did you fill out the owner’s title slip. Huh? I didn’t’ know I was supposed to do that. The lady was nice and patiently helped  me do that and made the process mostly easy. I paid the fee and was on my way headed home.

I didn’t have much else planned for the day other than that so I did some chair hopping after feeding the chickens.

Chicken grow panel in action

Here’s three chicks showing how they use the grow panel I made that protects the plants from them tearing them out of the ground. They can eat all the stuff that grows above the screens.growing


How much water

Late in the day I rode the dirt bike up to the water tanks to check the water level to see if it was high enough for me to waste some of it watering one of my cherry trees. The pink ribbon says about 5 feet down from the top so I can water the cherry tree.tanks


Dirt bike ride

Of course as long as I was on the dirt bike I went for a short ride up into the hills up this road..road


And along here lickity split.road2


Tree down

Until I got to this little downed tree. I stopped and threw it off the road before proceeding back to my


For some reason I forgot to stop at the strawberry patch.

Carmelo blabs

Just before dark most of the chickens were already on the roost but not
Carmelo the rooster. On impulse I let Carmelo into the lush blueberry pen and he started squawking and soon all the hens jumped off the roost to join him in that pen for a bit before dark. I want them to eat all the weeds down in there so I can transplants some blueberry plants. They can finish it off tomorrow.carmelo


At dark I closed the chickens up for the day and went in the house.

Nice day.

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