Leaving Quartzsite and Heading North towards Mono Lake

Wednesday and Thursday March 28, 29, 2018 Highway 395 and 58 corner north, California and Lone Pine CA.

Headed towards Mono Lake California

I left Quartzsite this morning about nine and headed north to Parker to do some shopping and gas up.

I spent about six hours driving to the highway 395 turn off from highway 58 also know as Kramer’s corner. I actually turned off the highway a few miles before I got to the corner.

Banging noise

I cruised right along with no real problems although when I left Quartzsite I was hearing some kind of banging that sounded like it was coming from the passenger door area. Eventually I discovered it was my kayak’s bow strap that had come loose and was banging on the roof above me.

Once that was fixed the drive went well.

Looking for a camp site

I turned off highway 58 at a place called Hinkley which should cut the corner and also give me a place to camp for the night as there was some BLM land I would drive through.

Just past Hinkley I ran into this huge thermo power generating area that caused all the roads to be moved around it, so I had to stop and figure out where I was. See all the big reflectors in the background. There were acres of them.mirrors3


I didn’t see any of these guys

This was the sign on the road that I took from there.sign1


I was headed to Hoffman road up ahead somewhere. I took this road.road2


And this road looking for a place to camp, maybe by those big piles of rock up ahead.rocks4


Too hot

I thought I’d camp here so I pulled in but after a bit of too hot, I decided to continue up the road a bit more to give the sun some time to get lower in the sky.campno5


So I took off again going fairly slow as I have one bad shock.road6


Night’s camp spot

About the time that road came onto Hoffman road, I found this spot to camp for the night.camp8


I looked around a bit and decided this spot would do. I saw something move fast on the ground so checked it out. It turned out to be this little horny toad, about three inches long.toad7


Walk around the camp

Once the sun went behind this hill, I did a walk going in a big circle around where the van was parked through this area.walk8


And through this area just looking around and getting some exercise.walk9


That was my day. Tomorrow I’ll work my way down to highway 395 and continue North to Mono Lake, maybe stopping along the way if I find some nice water to put the boat in.

I’ll try and find a place to post this blog on the way.


Traveling North on 395

Thursday March 29, 2018 Lone Pine CA.


It took me about three hours to get back to 395 from my campsite. About three hours to do 20 miles, well 24 as I got lost for a two mile detour. Good thing I have a GPS or I might still be out there.

I’m now in Lone Pine to post this blog then I will go north of town and look for a camp spot for the night. I might make it to Mono Lake today, but I’m not pushing it. I’ll be at Mono Lake tomorrow for sure to do some kayaking, I hope.

That’s  my day so far.

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  1. Pat says:

    Independence, Big Pine and then Bishop. Grade school in Rovana and then High School in Bishop. Looking forward to your pictures of that route and my old stomping grounds. Beautiful country! Pat, from Central Texas

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