Last Paddle At Jenner As I’ll Be Off On a Trip Soon

Friday October 5, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Getting out for a paddle

I have time for one more paddle before I head out on a trip and this would be the day to do it.

So I took care of the chickens and headed out for Jenner.

Once the boat got in the water I paddled across to Penny Island and headed on up the river. I paddled as far as you can see in this picture, about a mile.river1


Up along this shoreline.log3


Harbor seal buddy

I passed close by this harbor seal. Since I was looking at the seal, I didn’t see the coyote jump into the bushes until it was too late. It had been sunning just behind the seal on the shore. This is one of  my buddy seals, one that hangs in the river mostly.seallog4


Just past that I  jumped this bird out of the brush. It’s a green night heron that likes to fish from the bushes along the shoreline.heron5


Sitting at Muskrat

This is as far as I paddled up the river to this place I call Muskrat. I sat here for quite a spell enjoying the nice day.spot6


Checking out a trail

Eventually I started back down the river and was checking out the shoreline here and decided to land and see about getting onto the trail that goes along this part of the shore. I call the trail Poison Oak Alley, guess why.shore7


The trail here goes under the trees and isn’t too brushy. I’ll check it out more at a later time.

Continuing on down the river I go by this seal again.seal8


It checks me out as I pass by.seal9


Another one watches as I pass.seal10


Fishing pelicans

As I get near the boat ramp I spot these pelicans fishing down the river a bit so paddle over to check them out.pelicans11


I watch them fish for a bit.pelicans13


River’s mouth is open

And I can see down to the river’s mouth area where it’s open to the ocean.mouth12


I head on in for the day and get the boat on the car and head out towards home.

Stop to visit John

On the way I decide to stop in and talk with John about our trip. I get him up from a nap and we shoot the bull for an hour or so mostly about our trip to Idaho. He and his friends will be hunting deer while I visit.

From there I headed on home for a nap and that pretty much was my day.

Nice day.

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One Response to Last Paddle At Jenner As I’ll Be Off On a Trip Soon

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    What a beautiful day for a yak to Jenner. Love your Harbour Seal buddy. I would love to see a pelican close up.
    I’m glad you got out one more time.

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