Kofa To Ajo, a Travel and Shopping Day

Thursday March 10, 2022 Ajo Arizona

Travel day

Gaelyn and I left our Kofa camp just after nine this morning headed south to Yuma and on to Ajo after some shopping.truck1


Just above Yuma we went through some farm country.farm2



We did some shopping for food and then headed east on highway 8 and got some gas along the way.

Gaelyn gets us lost

Gaelyn wanted to dump her tanks in Gila Bend but couldn’t locate the dump place so after getting lost a bit we got on the right road headed south toward Ajo.

As we got closer to Ajo the desert started to get a bit lusher.south3



Around four in the afternoon we came into the outskirts of Ajo. We were both pretty tired out from all the driving we had to do to get here.aho4


Darby Wells Road

We went through Ajo and got on the Darby Wells Road that goes around the old copper mine tailings.road5



There were lots of campers on Darby road so we had a hard time finding a place to camp but eventually we found this place which will do for now.camp6


Walk around camp

Just before dark I went for a little walk around our camp spot to check things out a bit walking up this drainage area.walk7


This caught my eye as I went past it.cactus8


Water for animals

This wind mill provides water for water for animals. It has a solar panel on it so the wind mill no longer pumps water but an electric pump does.windmill9



Gaelyn joined me as I came back to camp and we walked around a bit checking out the sunset to our west.sunset10


Worker guy

Just before dark this truck pulled in fairly close to us, about a hundred feet. He seemed to be doing something and he camped there for the night.truck11


I’ll mosey over

If he’s still there tomorrow I’ll mosey over to pick his mind for info on what’s going on around here, as there seems to be some mining going on in this area that I hadn’t noticed before.

It got dark so I went in the van for the night and fixed some dinner. My cell phone doesn’t work here, but Gaelyn’s does so I should be able to post this tomorrow.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to Kofa To Ajo, a Travel and Shopping Day

  1. Gaelyn says:

    I was only a little lost and eventually found my way. Nice camp though I’m looking forward to another move.

  2. You guys are in one of my favorite areas.

  3. Patritia I Richards says:

    Glad you both found your way. Sometimes getting lost is interesting, sometimes fun and sometimes when pulling a big rig, scary as heck!!

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