Kayaking Steelhead Beach Down to Guerneville With Ray and John With Some River Mist

Wednesday April 3, 2019 Russian River  Guerneville CA.

Russian River drifting in kayaks

I met John and Ray at Ray’s house this morning to load our boats in Rays truck. John’s wife Cheryl was there to drive Ray’s truck back to Guerneville where we would take out. She would leave the truck in town for us to pick up and walk home.

Hard boiling eggs

Cheryl has chickens so I mentioned cooking fresh eggs longer to make them easier to peel. She says she pressure cooks hers for six minutes and they are easy to peel. George of Awesome travels in the side bar also agrees that more cook time helps peel fresh eggs easier and Pat in comments has another method that works for her. I always say if it works for you do it. :O)

Put-in at Steelhead Beach

We all loaded in the truck and drove up the river to Steelhead beach and put our boats in the water. Cheryl took off with the truck back to Guerneville and we started off down the river drifting as there was a good current from the recent rains. The water was still a bit muddy too.putin


Us just after we put in. John’s waving.john2


We drifted on down the river going at a pretty good clip.river4


More current in this channel so we didn’t have to paddle much.channel5


The current slowed down in some spots.mist7


Light mist ahead

It looked like we were going to run into some light mist up ahead which we did.river7


Korbel summer bridge

Here we are going by the Korbel summer bridge which isn’t in right now as it’s a summer bridge.bridge8


Lunch spot at Korbel’s hole

We decided to pull into this spot at the Korbel hole for a break and lunch. It was misting lightly here. Very lightly not really enough to really get wet which was good.lunch9


Fallen trees

During lunch we checked out this redwood tree that had fallen off the mountain in the last storm. At high water the river would be over 30 feet over our head at this spot. Ok, more like 40 feet this last high water a few weeks ago when I was down in Arizona. The next high water will take that down redwood tree on down the river.tree10


After lunch we put back in the water and continued our drift down river.launch11


Not much wild life

With the mist and all we didn’t  see much wild life out. A couple of hawks and these geese and a few ducks was it for the day.geese12


The mist finally let up not too far above Guerneville. I live on the other side of that mountain straight ahead and so does Ray.river12


There were a couple more downed redwood trees just above Guerneville. See the bridge up ahead at Guerneville.tree13


Guerneville Bridge

We went under the bridges at Guerneville. This is the new bridge and that metal one is the old bridge which is historic and we will pull out just past it at what is called Johnson’s Beach at Guerneville where the summer damn is.bridges13


Johnson’s Beach

Here we are at the pullout just up ahead by the summer dam which isn’t  in right now as it’s winter.beach14


Pullout spot

We pulled out here and were lucky it wasn’t real muddy. The riffle is where the damn goes in the summer.dam15


Headed home

We packed our boats up to the locked gates and Ray retrieved his truck. We loaded our boats and drove on back to Ray’s house where we unloaded his truck and went our separate ways.

Nice drift down the river today even with the light mist which just makes things interesting.

Once I was home it was nap time for me and that was my day.

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