Kayaking Jenner, First Chicken In the Pot and Chicken Nest Construction

Saturday September 21, 22, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Down to Jenner to kayak

Yesterday I went kayaking but when I got home I felt like doing nothing so I didn’t,………. well I did get me a chicken for dinner.

So I headed on down to Jenner and put my boat in the water and paddled down towards the open river’s mouth area going by these brown pelicans fishing away.pels1


White stuff is

I was headed down that away. The white water is the ocean in the river’s open mouth and the white stuff on the rocks is bird poo.mouth2


Sitting in the mouth

I paddled into the open mouth and checked out these harbor seals and brown pelicans resting on the sand.seals3


Pacific ocean

Here’s what it looked like from my boat out into the Pacific ocean. Why I stay in the river and never go out in the ocean.ocean4


Fogs sneaking in

Eventually I turned and headed back towards Penny Island where the fog was sneaking in.fog5


I paddled by these brown pelicans resting on the lower end of Penny Island in the fog.pelicans6


Calm spot

I pulled in here and sat in my boat for a bit as it was nice and calm.river7


River’s open mouth area

Eventually I headed on back to the boat ramp. I looked down towards the open river’s mouth and took this photo of it. A bit of fog has moved in.mouthx9


Processing my first chicken for dinner

When I got home I was fairly beat, but not so beat I couldn’t get a chicken ready to cook, my first one.

I was sitting in the chicken pen and thought if I can catch that larger rooster I’ll butcher it, so I got the butchering area prepped which mostly just meant to get out my tools.

I thought it was going to be harder than it was. Once caught I  had no excuse and did the deed.

It turned out to be fairly easy as I skinned it. Thank you mister rooster. :O) It was in the pot shortly. Yum.chicken


That was my lazy day and I needed to finally get a bird in the pot, so that was good in more ways than one.



Chicken nest construction

So today I stayed home as I needed to do some work. I need to construct some chicken nests and storage areas for eggs. I still have a couple months before the chickens will mature enough to lay eggs, but it needs to get done so now is the time.

Let’s begin

I got the tools and materials out and was now ready to begin on this back coop wall. I did shoo the chickens out to keep them out of my way.coop


I cut the boards I split the other day to the right sizes and screwed them onto the wall to get started.start


And then I screwed some vertical boards to the wall to form my base.boxedin


Then I put some of the bottom boards together ready to put up.bottom


Keeping the chickens happy

It took all day as I was doing some other stuff too, like gathering weeds for the chickens and trying to get my camera going in the attic on the rodent trap.

Rodent trap modifications

I also made some modifications on that trap as it’s not catching anything yet, but with my camera in the attic I can see them climbing all over the trap. With the camera watching the rodents I’ll get the catching part figured out eventually.

The nest base is complete

Here’s the finished frame ready to get some outer wood on it, maybe tomorrow.cabinet


Nests and egg storage

The bottom and top will be for egg storage and the two in the middle will be nests. I’m going to try larger nests, as in community nests to see how they will work out.

The chickens wanted back in their pen just before dark so I gathered up my tools and stuff and let them back in and I went in the house and that was my day.

Nice day.

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