Kayak Loading Bar and Washer Water Leak Repair

Sunday August 13, 2023 Guerneville CA.


I started the day by putting on some sprinklers around the yard and moved them around as the day progressed. Plants like lots of water, especially the fruit trees.

Finishing up the loading bar

I needed to finish putting the kayak loading bar on my car.  I got another clamp the other day when I was in town. But when I tried to put it on, one of the old mounting tabs was in the wrong place, so I cut it off and re-welded it so things would fit.braket


Then I put some paint on it and waited for it to dry.paint


Kayak loading bar

When the paint was dry, I clamped it on the car rack. I think it will work to help load my kayak. I’ll  test it out soon.cartop


Leaky washer

After moving the sprinklers around to new spots, it was time to see if I could figure out why the old washer was leaking water a bit when I filled it up.

I put it on blocks to have a look under it when I started to fill it up. But I couldn’t see any leaks, so I did a load of wash and still no leaks. Isn’t that the way.washer


Can’t get the top lid off

After doing the load of wash, I knew I needed to get the top of the washer off, but I wasn’t sure how, so I got online and tried to find out how, but all they had were newer ones that came off differently. I finally took a screw driver to it and pried it off, when I discovered the clips that were holding it on.

Top seal looks bad

I discovered this top seal that was shaky, with rust under it.seal


I pulled the rubber seal off and checked out the rusty part of the drum top.rust


I tried to put the old seal on the drum and noticed it has shrank over the years and I knew because of that, I wasn’t going to be able to put it back on with silicone, so I cut it so I could make it work.

Then, I applied a bead of silicone around the steel drum and pressed the old seal on, adding more silicone to fill the gap where  I cut it. I left it to dry before I put it back together, maybe tomorrow, if I get around to it.sealed


Van’s bench, or step stool to get in the van

I had some old wood oil so I got it out to put a coat on the little bench I repaired the other day. It’s drying and I’ll wipe it off later when the oil dries a bit.stool


Cell phone

I realized I’d lost my cell phone somewhere, so spent some time hunting it up, but couldn’t find it.

That was, until I had another nap and found it had fallen out of my pocket on an earlier nap.

Rode up the hill

I rode the bike up the hill later in the day to retrieve the game cam cards, but there wasn’t much on them.

Nice day.

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