Junked the Old Camera and Trimmed Some Brush Up In the Forest

Thursday July 13, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Camera problems

The lens protector shutter has been giving me some problems lately. It’s been jamming and not opening up all the way lately and shows in a lot of my pictures and has been getting worse.cam1


Using the older one

I had an older one that I hoped was working better than this one, so I transferred the battery and storage card to the old one and it still worked. I had replaced the old one a long time ago because I thought it had a  problem, but I found the new one worked the same way so there wasn’t really a problem with it, so now I’m using it again.

I needed the cam today as I planned to work on tapping another spring and I wanted to make some video’s of the process.

Spring water

I rode on up to this spring and stopped for a drink of water.drink2


Couldn’t get into it

Then I continued on up to this one I’m working on tapping but just couldn’t get into it today. It wasn’t the work tapping it that was the problem but I just didn’t feel like working on making the video clips of the tapping process.spring3


Checking out a house on the ridge top

So, I canceled that idea and decided to go check out a house up on the ridge top that the state park was checking out maybe to purchase the property.


I stopped here to trim some branches out of the way that were hitting me in the face if I wasn’t paying attention.bike4



I rode up to the ridge top to check out this house which no one is living in right now. It’s a neighbor’s place.house5


The house is in good shape but it has a serious problem in that it’s built partly on another neighbor’s place, by mistake. I looked around a bit.house6


Grease can

After that, I went over to this trail to trim some more branches off the trail that were about eye level. The spot is called grease can, from that old grease can when my uncle logged the area a long time ago.can7


I continued to work on trimming the branches that were about face high on the trail.bike8


Water tanks

Eventually, I tired out and headed towards home stopping at our water tanks to check the water level. They were full to the top, of spring water, which was good.tanks9


One more drink

From there I continued on and stopped at this spring again to get a drink of fresh spring water.water10


This spring is a good one and provides a nice cold cup of water. I had two.drink11


I headed for home but stopped here to do some more brush trimming on the trail.trail12


Enjoying the day

Once back home, a nap was in order and I spent the rest of the day chair hopping around the yard, just enjoying the day.

Nice day.

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