John Helps Me With Some Trail Work Up In the Redwood Forest

Friday November 5, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Trail work

John came by about noon today. He was going to help  me do some trail work  up in the forest.

We took his truck up to the base of the hill and got our tools and hiked up to the spot where we were going to work on the trail, about half mile up the  hill.



Hiking up the trail

We walked up through here on the Talking Trees Trail.forest



And turned off on the Waterfall trail and on up. There’s a little water in the waterfall so far.fall3


We continued on up the hill on this trail.trail4


Trail work spot

And made it to this spot where I wanted to improve the trail a bit.trail5


We worked on that trail for about 4 hours with some breaks in there too and shot the bull a bit too. It’s a very peaceful spot. Too busy working and shooting the bull to take photos. :O)

Took another way back

Around 4 we quit and hiked on up the hill to an old road and over the top of the ridge by the fire break and on down another road back to his truck.


On the way out we stopped here and grabbed an apple and ate


John took off for home and I had a nap and I bet John did too.


After resting up I went out and did some chair hopping and eventually  hauled the last four loads of mulch to the garden I’d been working on  and that was my day.

Nice day.

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