Is That a Portal in the Sky, Kayaking Jenner

Monday December 23, 2013 Jenner CA.

An unusual cloud formation, or is it a portal?

It took me awhile to get going this morning because I had to get my back working first.

Meds, cold packs and much groaning. Hardest part is getting my socks on and shoes, but I did get it going to be down to kayak Jenner around eleven AM.

Ray was already there, just getting ready to put his boat in the water when I arrived. We got the boats in the water and headed across the river to Penny Island and slowly worked our way up the south side of the river. The sun was out and there was a light breeze blowing. The water level was up, but I couldn’t tell if the river’s mouth was closed or open.

One of my buddy harbor seals was sitting on a redwood log as we went by the east end of the island.seal


We headed up the river at a very leisurely pace stopping along the way. We paddled on past otter’s log and eagle’s landing and on up a ways further, not quite to the highway one bridge.

We noticed this weird cloud formation that just seemed to be sitting there, not moving away. See the little circle in the clouds below?portal


This thing was very well defined. What was it? A portal of some kind. We watched and waited, but no space craft shot out of the thing.portal2


It was up there the whole time we were up river and still there as we started back down the river.portal3


Eventually, all the clouds around it expanded an disappeared. After awhile, the center thing was the only thing left, but it had expanded to a huge cloud by then. It was still there when we pulled our boats out later.

Not sure what it was, maybe something formed by the wind coming off the coast line?

We pulled our boats into the east end of Penny island and did a little walk.

Here’s the spot we pulled our boats to shore on Penny Island, looking down the back channel.kayays


We headed down to the river’s mouth area to see if it was open or closed.

This picture is just as we approached the river’s mouth. The ocean was real rough with lots of seagulls flying around the mouth area.birds


The river’s mouth is mostly closed

The picture below shows the river mouth. It’s only a trickle, more closed then open. That’s the cement jetty behind it. Only a little water was coming into this from the high tide, not enough for a big fish to get though, only a few inches deep.mouth


There were a few sea lions inside the river, here’s one taking  a little nap.sealion


The water was really starting to flatten out as we left the mouth area.sun


Here is Ray as we started back in from the river’s mouth area.jenner


Hard to believe it’s winter time.

Had a great day kayaking Jenner.

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