Installing the New Electric Radiator Fan and Digging Potatoes

Sunday September 18, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Getting the new electric fan installed in the  van

I finally got it going today working on the van around noon. I needed to finish mounting the new electric radiator fan and finish up the wiring too, so that’s what I started out doing. I have the new electric van installed, but now I have to put the belts and the other fan back on and fill the radiator up with fluid too. Not a good picture, but the fan is in there.fannew


I got that all together and filled the radiator up. No leaks, great.

A big bug shows up

As I was crawling under the van to tighten something up, this big bug ran across the old blanket I use to lay on giving me a start.bug


It turned out to be a praying mantis which seemed to like the blanket real well and didn’t want to leave without a bit of encouragement.mantis


The belly pan or not

I needed to install the belly pan again, but I didn’t have much steam left, so I took a break to think about it. Today or tomorrow, it has to get installed.pan


I finally got it in gear and installed the belly pan and finished putting on the other parts of the fan shroud and cleaned things up a bit.van


It started right up and I see no leaks

So now I could start it up and let it warm up and look for leaks and there were none which is good as I’m getting tired of mechanicing. :O) I tested the new electric fan. It came on in manual over ride and it came on at 200 degrees F. when the engine warmed up so it’s all good to go.

I was thinking of driving it up the hill to test it out and stay for the night, but I was just too tuckered out.

Dug up some potatoes

I did go to the potato patch and dig up some potatoes.

The potato patch and  just getting ready to dig up some tatters. I do it by hand that way no potatoes get busted up while digging them up.patch


I harvested these  and had some for dinner.potatoes


It got dark shorty after that, so I sat around in it for a bit as it was such a nice night out and eventually I went in for the night.

I still need to install the wooden console in the front and likely there’s a few other tings to do too, but the van is good to go for now. I still need to put some more break in miles on it, so I’ll figure out something to do to help get some more miles on it.

That was my day for another productive one.

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2 Responses to Installing the New Electric Radiator Fan and Digging Potatoes

  1. Upriverdavid says:

    Nothing like home grown tatters….Some of mine came out kind of weird looking but they tasted just swell……..Little gravy..butter..and a burger or steak….

    • Bob says:

      Yes, some of my potatoes come out looking weird too, but they all taste real good. Potatoes are some of the easiest things to grow.

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