Inline Hose Fertilizers and Patching Rat Holes

Sunday November 8, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Using inline hose fertilizers

Two new inline hose fertilizer units arrived yesterday so today I thought I’d give them a try and put some fertilizer on the yard.

The first one I tried to get on the faucet but the tightening nut was too big and it hit the faucet before the fitting got tight so I tried it like this between two hoses, one from the faucet and the other going to the sprinkler. As I tried these units I found this was a better way to hook them up, much easier than at the faucet or on the timer.setkup


I turned on the water and wet things down with a rainbird.water


Next unit setup

After that one was done I set the other unit up on this spot.water3


Solving the leaky problem

One of the complaints many people had on these types of units is they leak quite a bit so I decided to put this one in a small bucket to catch the drips. This worked out good as I used what was in the bucket to fertilize some other stuff and this way it didn’t matter if it leaked a bit.leaky


Small hose helped a lot

I also found the units worked best as in easier to hook up with a small piece of hose from the faucet to the unit. I attached about 6 feet to each unit and now it’s easier to hook up and less chance of breaking it and it’s easier to use with the drip catching bucket.

This was the best unit I got a couple weeks ago. It would benefit with a small hose too as like it is it’s hard to screw things together in loading it and it’s more likely to get broken used this way. This one is a Chipin I believe.chipin


Blocking a rat hole

After getting the fertilizers going I got back up on the roof to plug up another rat hole in this spot. They have been coming out from under this eve so I need to block it up.eve


I measured and cut out the pieces of sheet metal for each piece I would need.metal


This is one of the finished pieces bent and shaped to fit the spot.part


Here’s that piece screwed in to place.partin


Now I need to block the piece over the ruler. It’s a weird fit but I got it


I was able to shape this piece to fit pretty good.fitcut


I got the rat hole done just before dark and tonight I will watch and see how the rats react to this new addition.

An enjoyable day puttering around up on the roof, enjoying the view of the forest.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    I rather imagine they came from the fire area? I’m not sure what’s worse, rats or skunks. I have skunks to deal with. Nice fertilizer fix. I never would have thought of that.

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