I’m Off On My 2014 Arizona Adventure

Tuesday February 18, 2014 Bagdad CA.

Posted at Kingman, AZ.

Traveling isn’t always fun

I was up a little earlier than normal this morning to get the rest of the stuff packed in the van. I gassed the van in Guerneville and also got the propane tank filled as it was almost empty. That taken care of, I was off.

I can’t say anything nice about traveling down freeways, but it’s what I need to do to get to where I’m headed.

I travelled all day and into the night some to get to a place I could boondock. Interesting enough, I’m camped near a place called  Bagdad, CA. It’s interesting because I’ve never been here or even heard of it. Tomorrow I’m headed to Bagdad, AZ., which I’ve never been to either, but at least have heard of that one.

I was headed for Essex, a road just east of here that I have camped on which worked pretty good. It’s west of Needles, CA. which is where I am also right now.

Anyway, I turned off at Ludlow and took a little break where the truck drivers park for the night. Checking the map to see how close I was to the Essex place, I realized the road right by where I was parked went right up to the Essex camp spot and it was a piece of the old Route 66 road. I’d already  had enough big trucks and lights on the freeway, so I decided to take that road.

It’s just a two lane paved road, with no one else on it. Prefect, I can slow down and take it easy and I did and there is no one else using the road either. Nice.

I was looking for a camp spot so I was going slow and I found one and the sign even said it was a national forest road. I went up the road a few hundred yards and found a level spot that was off the road.

I do have some double train tracks close by though. It’s not too close, I hope. It’s not too close to be obnoxious, and far enough away to be pleasant, I hope again.  So far, so good.

Tomorrow’s plans

I’m going to work my way over to the Bagdad, AZ. area and see what’s in that area. I plan to spend the night somewhere in that area, and then work my way south, taking my time looking around.

Posts may be a little on the sporadic side as internet access is rather limited where I usually hang out, but I’ll find a Library or a fast food place somewhere to post when I can.

I’ll try to post this tomorrow in Kingman, which I’m not sure if it is in Nevada or Arizona, but I will find out.. It’s on the I-40 highway, east from here. Ok, it’s AZ.

I wish there was a nice back road between the two points I traveled today, as I prefer that to the modern freeways where everyone is racing to get someplace. Yuck. :O)

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