I Sure Get a Lot Of Exercise Removing Fallen Trees In the Forest

Sunday February 12, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Forest exercise day

I still have a few things I want to get done on the old trail. I needed to take the small chainsaw up to the other end of the trail and cut some brush and downed old trees off the trail so I rode on up this trail to get to the other trail, but this big tree fell sometime in the last couple of days.treedown1


Tree fell down

It was a pretty big mess but it looked like if I cleaned the smaller logs up off the trail I could get by without using the chainsaw. I didn’t want to use up the gas.logs2


Looking down at the fallen tree’s stump, it looks like it just fell over during the last rain.roots3


That took a lot of energy to get it all cleaned up so I could pass under the big log which was a small fir tree.trail4


I rode under the tree and on up the trail through here.trail5


Work area on the old trail

The other old trail wasn’t far from that spot. I parked the quad and took the saw down the trail until I got to this small downed tree which I cut in two and threw it off the trail, down the hill.tree6


Then, I walked on out the trail some more until I got to this one. The one of the right that has a big branch over hanging the trail that got cut off. It was old and dead.tree7


Brushing the trail

Then I worked on cutting the brush off this part of the trail which took longer than I thought.brushed8


Forgot about the big one

I went out the the trail further and cut some more small logs off the trail. I had forgotten about a big three foot diameter old fir tree that was laying across the trail, but that would take a larger chainsaw so it didn’t get cut.

Like I said I was pretty beat and could barely move so I headed back up the trail stopping often to rest the old body.

Rest spot

I made it to this spot where there are a couple chairs and used this one for a bit.restspot9


After a good rest, I continued out the trail to where the quad runner was parked, just up ahead.traail10


Tree blocking the view

I’ve looked at this tree often and thought it might be a nicer view if I could cut the lower branches off the tree. I had enough gas to do it, so I did.tree11


I couldn’t reach up very high in the tree with the saw but I got what I could cut.

Not much improvement, that tree might get turned into firewood one of these days.biew12


I headed for home stopping one more place to cut a small tree off the road.

When I got home, I let the chickens into the front yard to graze.chickens14


And I sat around the yard chair hopping until almost dark.sky13


Nice day.

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2 Responses to I Sure Get a Lot Of Exercise Removing Fallen Trees In the Forest

  1. Judith says:

    Is this year different from others on the number of trees that are falling over? Do you do this every year? Glad you were still able to say hello to the chickens.

  2. Nancy K says:

    Those are some pretty steep mountains you’re working in. Exercise is good for the body. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, even if it does make for sore muscles.

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