I Rode Up Into the Forest to Visit Some Neighbors That Live High Up In the Hills

Friday April 30, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Some visiting

I needed something easy to do today. I’ve been talking with a neighbor that lives up in the hills about helping him tapping a water spring on his place so decided to ride on up to his place on the dirt bike to have a visit and talk about the spring.

Bike ride up

I hopped on the dirt bike and rode on up this road headed for his place, about another mile or so.raod1


I continued on up this road. My neighbor has good views from his place.road2


This is the view to the west. Over the last mountain ridge you can see some fog. That’s from the Pacific ocean.view3



There’s some clouds there but below that is the fog over the ocean.ocean8


Not home

I made it to their house and met with his wife. She said he was up skiing so we had a good talk without him.

We took a walk around the yard. The dog has a stick he wants someone to throw.dog


Staying with grandma

Her granddaughter was there visiting, well really she was staying with grandma for a bit.flowers4


This was some of their yard where some fruit trees were. yard5


What’s that

We were walking by this tarp when the little girl says what’s this? It’s an alligator lizard who had lost it’s tail likely when something tried to eat it. They grow them back. It’s six to ten inches long with the tail. I got it’s picture then it scampered off fast.aligator6


I chatted with grandma until the little girl wanted to cook some eggs from the chickens so I left them to get it done.

Headed on home

This was one of my views on the way home.view7


As long as I was up in the hills I took the long way home.

Once home I chair hopped most of the rest of the day thinking about what chores need done in the yard.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    What a beautiful location up there in the hills! Also the road looks great for dirt biking.

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