Hunting Morels Near Troy Oregon and My Turn to Cook a Chinese Dinner

Thursday May 11, 2017 Troy Oregon

Mushrooming we will go

Sue wanted to go up mushrooming this morning. So much so that she was waiting in the car when I came over to the main house this morning at about 9. So I hopped in Dan’s truck and we followed Sue and her Daughter Conni to the mushroom grounds.

We parked here and fanned out to hunt mushrooms.truck


We weren’t finding any mushrooms when we first started out, only this little green tree frog.frog


Sue pushing her walker around the burn

I could see Sue and Conni across the way hunting mushrooms. See Sue off to the right?burn


All you older folks take note. Here’s a 92 year old lady pushing her walker through the burned over woods hunting mushrooms.sue


A big forest fire burned through this area two years ago and morels like freshly burned over grounds, so we knew there were morels here somewhere.

Dan’s bending over to harvest some morels.dan2


Finally we started to find more morels. Here’s a nice one I found.morel


Here’s Sue and her daughter Conni going through the burn hunting


The girls left first and said they’d stop at another place and eventually Dan and I followed. We did well at the first spot but not well at the second spot and were pretty tired out from walking over all the debris on the ground.

We headed on home going by this place with all the yellow


Conni hits the jackpot

When we got home we found that Conni had found a jackpot of the morels in the second spot they went to and we think she had more than we had, so we awarded her the prize for most mushrooms, but I think I got the prize for the largest one.

Here’s Sue cleaning up todays haul.Sue2


A nice big bowl of cleaned morel mushrooms ready to eat.morels


Dan and I unloaded the building materials from my van and put them away to keep the stuff out of the rain that is supposed to come in tonight.

My turn, cooking Chinese

They wanted Chinese, so it was my turn to cook tonight and with all the fresh morels I decided to do a dish of them too, with asparagus and ham which turned out yummy.

Here’s all the stuff I prepped for the Chinese dinner, just before cooking it. I made three dishes and they raved about the asparagus mushroom ham one the most, but all three dishes got great reviews and more of the food was eaten than they thought they could consume with all going away with real full bellies.cook


Conni was kind enough to do the dishes and clean up a part of the job I hate to do, so I was real happy for that.

Another nice day.

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4 Responses to Hunting Morels Near Troy Oregon and My Turn to Cook a Chinese Dinner

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Thanks Bob, the top looks burnt, so dead and I wouldn’t eat it. I’m going to leave it and hope it produces more spore for next years growth. Bill picked it last year before I could tell him it was a morel. He thot it was a bad mushroom and threw it away! haha

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    I mean One morel. Duh me.

  3. Patsy Irene says:

    I found ONE mushroom in my garden but by the time I noticed it, it was too late. Do you break them off, pull them out or cut them? I’m not sure whether to pull this one now or should I leave it and hope it will multiply next year? any idea? Maybe Sue knows. :)

    • Bob says:

      Hi Patsy,
      Most of the time I cut them off just above the roots if I’m going to eat them. Some people pull them out of the ground and then trim the roots off. Morels keep for a long time and insects don’t seem to bother them much.
      The mushroom is the fruit of the white body of stuff below ground and that one mushroom has been putting out spore since it first came up. If you want to eat it pick it, otherwise just leave it there too continue to produce spore. It’s been out long enough to have produced a lot of spore already, so picking it doesn’t no harm if that’s what you want to do, you won’t hurt the stuff under the ground.
      Yummm for sure.

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