High Fog at Jenner, John Shows Up and I Start the New Electric Fan Install on the Old Van

Thursday September 15, 2016 Jenner CA.

High fog, but nice

There was high fog over Jenner this morning as I put my boat in the water. I thought it might burn off eventually, but it never did.

I paddled across the river to Penny Island and headed on up the river going by these cormorants just above the island. They were resting, just taking it easy, likely after a hard morning fishing.cormorants


There were a couple harbor seals on the logs by the cormorants that just watched as I passed on by. This is Pops and Coco, I think.seals


Even with the high fog, the wind was down so it was rather nice out as I paddled on up the river.riverlog


Someone’s shouting across the river

As I paddled along, I could hear someone shouting something across the river, but for a long time I couldn’t see anyone, but I finally realized he was shouting Bob, so I started across the river to see who it was. I can barely see someone over there walking along the river’s edge.john


It’s John the hunter and fisherman

It turned out to be John the hunter and fisherman stopped by to shoot the bull for a bit which we did. John had just come from an old ranch in Cazadero where he was deer hunting without any success, but he said he had a nice hunt just the same.ducks


Headed for the muskrat nest area

When I left John, I crossed back over the river and continued on up to the muskrat nest area just up ahead.river


I sat here for quite some time enjoying the day.sitspot


Eventually, I started on back down the river along the south edge when this lady from the Bodega Bay Marine Labs roared on by.biologist


I was going by the harbor seals again.jenner


Hard to identify harbor seals

Harbor seals are hard to identify as they seem to change colors a lot. Here’s Coco and Pops. They are this color from this side. A whitish one and a chocolate one.seal2


But as I pass and look back, the white one, isn’t so white from this side. The colors change depending on if they are wet or dry too.sealcolor


Noisy crows land

I paddled over to the little channel on the upper end of Penny Island where some crows just landed and were making quite a racket.crows


From there, I paddled across the river to the boat ramp and put my boat on the car and went on home for a nap.

Installing the new electric fan on the van

After a short nap, I went outside and started working on the van projects. I needed to make some mounting ears for the new electric fan to mount it inside the fan shroud.

New metal ear mounts

This is what the electric fan looked like with the new metal ears added which I will fit inside the fan’s shroud. The fan is sixteen inches in diameter and only 3 and a quarter inches thick and is supposed to kick out 3000 cfs which is quite good for a V8 engine.fan


The van will have two fans

Here’s the new electric fan just sitting in there to check the fit. I will put the regular fan back in there too, so I will have both.fan2


I need to get some clip nuts to install it, so I didn’t finish the job yet. But I did work on setting up the electrical wiring for it.

Scaring critters

I will put this unit on a switch so I can operate it manually, or automatically with a thermostat or just turn it off if I don’t want to use it. The main reason I want a manual over ride is so I can flip it on for a few seconds to get rid of any critters that I hear under the van at night. The noise it makes seems to be very effective for scaring the heck out of critters as I’ve used a smaller fan before to do this.

I also did some painting of the heater parts so I will be ready when I get the new heater core, which is supposed to be ready tomorrow.

That was my day for a nice one.

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