Hermit Visit Talking Old Times and Checking Our Water Supply

Saturday May 8, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Hermit visit

It seemed like a good day to go up and see if the Hermit was still alive.

So I drove on up to  his place going through the redwood state park which is still closed from the recent forest fires.park1


I parked in his driveway.car2


And walked up the path to his house.path3


This is his house and I could hear the TV going as I approached.house


His bell

I always like ringing his bell so I rang it a lot, pulling the rope but no one answered.bell4


Waking up Nathan

His door was open so I looked in. The cat was laying on the floor and I could see Nathan asleep in his living room. I rang the bell again vigorously but he still didn’t answer so I went in and shock his arm a bit and that did the trick.nat5


Nathan’s past

I decided that today I’d talk to him about his past so that’s what we did. He’s been around a bit and had a lot to say. I was particularly interested in his time in San Francisco during the hippie era when he did readings so I asked how he got started in that. I asked how he got started in reading people.

He said he was doing some reading for fun for some of his friends but didn’t really think much about it until some famous readers from the city informed him that he was a reader and demonstrated some of their skills to him which helped convince him that he was a reader.

Not a fortune teller

Notice I called him a reader of people and not a fortune teller and we talked about that and readers don’t consider themselves fortune tellers and he made that point clear which I already understood.

Anyway he started reading for people in the city and did that for 7 years until returning back home to where he is now.

We had a good talk and he enjoyed thinking back on that and telling me about it.

Nap time

I usually don’t stay too long as eventually I can see he’s ready for a nap and I usually say it looks like it’s about nap time and say my goodbyes.

I got back in my car and drove back down to the empty park and on home as I live just in front of the park.park6


Checking the tanks water level

He’s not the only one that needed a nap after which I decided to ride up and check the water level in our water tanks.watertanks


Using a lot of water

I looked down at the bottom of the tank where the pink ribbon usually is showing the tanks are mostly full but no ribbon there. It was up high which showed the tanks were only about a third full.tank6


That means we need to conserve water a bit to get the tanks filled back up.

Checking the spring water flow

With the tanks low I needed to check the spring water flow into the tanks so I walked up to these valves and measured the water flow into the tanks using the gallon paint can and timing it for how long it takes to fill the paint can. It showed we have about 2 gallons a minute coming into the tanks about the same as last time I measured it which means we re using too much water. valves7


Being spring it means the plants need a lot of water and my brother uses it for some of his farmers market vegetables which can really put a dent in it. We do have some water wells which he is switching to  so that will help.

Dirt bike ride

From the valves I walked back down the hill and hopped on the dirt bike and road on up the road to the right just to go for a ride as long as I was on the dirt bike.bike8


I rode on up the main road and stopped here and there to throw some sticks and rocks off the road.

This is one of the spots I stopped.road


And this was another one. The redwood trees drop some pretty big limbs especially when the wind is blowing strong like it has been this spring.road11


I headed back down the hill and went on home and did some chair hopping.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Thank you for sharing your visit with the Hermit. What an interesting story!

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