Heavy Rains, A Good Day to Hang In the House

Saturday December 7, 2019 Guerneville CA.


It was raining this morning so I didn’t bother to get it going too soon as a storm was supposed to hit today around noon and it was supposed to rain hard.

Chicken care

But once I did get it going I went out to feed the chickens.

Here’s the chicken’s feed supply shed where I mix the different seeds together for them to eat.feed


It was raining a bit and I thought I heard the creek flowing.rainred


Creek gets water in it

I checked the creek that comes by my house and sure enough it was just starting to get some water in it.creekup


Pouring rain

The rain really started to come down so not much to  do but go back in the house and take it easy today.hardrain


The yard was pretty wet and the chickens were hanging in under the roofs today.kyard


Rain stopped, suns out

Eventually after a couple hours the rain just stopped and the sun came out for awhile so I checked the creek again. A little more water.creek2


While the sun was out and there was a break in the rain the chickens went out to graze while they could.chickens


It wasn’t long before showers started up so back in the house for me.

Nice rainy day, the rains always warm things up in our area.

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