Heavy Rain Showers Kept Me In Most of the Day

Sunday February 5, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Heavy rain showers today

That’s what it was as I got it gong today. The sun would be out and all of a sudden there would be a real heavy down pour for a few minutes or so. The showers were supposed to slow up later in the day.

So, I sat around the house for the first part of the day, thinking I needed to get out and do something. The vacuum needed to be run, but I didn’t feel like that.

Chainsaw prep

Around one, I decided to sharpen up the small chain saw and gas and oil it and head up into the woods to cut some brush off the old trail I’ve been working on.

Kitty Kat helped me take care of the saw.kat


It poured cats and dogs

The sun was out, so I got my muddy shoes out and went outside to put them on, when it started to pour again, so I gave up on that idea and went back in the house and had a nap.

Try again

The sun was out nice and bright around three, so I checked the weather and they said the showers were supposed to stop around three, so I got my muddy shoes again and went outside to put them on. There was a light shower but I took a chance and headed on up into the hills on my quad with the chainsaw.

Headed for the ridge top

I parked the quad and walked out this trail headed for the ridge top.trail2


I made it half way up and stopped in this spot for a rest, before continuing on to the ridge top.trail3


Trail brushing

I made it to where I’d stopped working the other day at this big log. The trail went right through that big log, but I didn’t want to use up all the gas in the saw so I left it and went around it and on up the trail further.log4


I made it to this big log and decided to just go around it on the left for now. After a rest  here, I walked on a bit further and started brushing my way back down the trail.log5


This is the area I needed to brush the old trail, so I started brushing, cutting the smaller stuff out of the trail.trail6


Break spot

Eventually, I made it back down to this spot where I sat down for a rest. I’m going to brush the old trail right off my foot there, once I get it going again.trail7


I cleared that part before the saw ran out of gas, through here.trail8


More trail work

I still had a bit of time before it got dark so I walked back down the trail and did some trail work, moving dirt for about a half hour.

Enjoying the day

On the way back down the trail to the quad runner, I stopped a couple times and sat and enjoyed the forest for a bit as it was pretty nice out now with the sun shinning brightly.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to Heavy Rain Showers Kept Me In Most of the Day

  1. Gaelyn says:

    I’d choose anything over vacuuming every day.

  2. Judith says:

    Ah such rain. I am filled with envy. Meanwhile, I notice the vacuum was put in second place to the chain saw. Not a surprise. I don’t know anyone who likes to do it. If it keeps raining, and you want to use your chain saw, you can still go to Austin, weather is warm and sunny. I have a friend who is still without power one week after the ice storm. Being old and not seeing very well, he gave chain saws up, but neighbors have been out having a great time with theirs. Still, no power. Apparently his neighborhood is one of the last even though it’s near the center of town. Electrical grids are mysterious.

  3. Patsy+Irene says:

    I’ve never read before of you getting so much rain! Glad you were able to get out and do a bit regardless.

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