Heavier Rains Last Night and I Got Some More Forest Work Done Today

Saturday December 25, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

It was raining when I got it going this morning and it rained pretty hard on and off during last night.

Rains slow up

But about two PM the rain turned to showers, heavy at times but it was letting up and the sun was poking out just a bit.

Heading up into the forest

I got my rain gear on just in case and rode the quad runner up into the hills heading for the place I’d been working the other day.


But when I was just about to that spot, I ran into this downed tree. I didn’t bring the chainsaw, so I turned around and went back and took another road hoping there were no down trees on it and there weren’t so I made it to that spot, eventually.tree1


Rock dams

On the way I stopped to check out some of the rock work I did the other day on places that water crossed roads. The rocks slow the water down and hold silt back which makes a smoother crossing as the silt builds up.crossing2


You can see the silt buildup behind the rocks after just one rain. I’ll put some more rocks in there as time permits.rocks3


Log jam area

I made it to the log jam area and it all looked real good with the water flowing in the right places so this area in now pretty much under control.logs


From there I rode over to the waterfall area, but stopped here on the way to move some stuff out of the road.road5


Waterfall area

I parked here above the waterfall and walked around a bit checking things out.quad6


Water fall looks like this.fall7


Stepping stones

When I walked down the trail to the waterfall I found it hard to get across the water without getting my feet wet so I started rounding up rocks to make some steps across the crossing to prevent wet feet. The water only flows here when it rains and it will dry up pretty fast when the rain stops or at least slow down to a trickle.water8


Break spot

I started getting some rocks together and sat on this log for a bit for a rest.seat9



I put some rocks in the crossing and will add some more later so now I can hop across the rocks without getting my feet wet.steps10


While I was working down there the dark sneaked up on me before I knew it and I quickly headed on home for the day.

A bit muddy eh

Even though I didn’t get my feed wet from the water I did get them a bit muddy working on removing a small slide on the road. Things are a bit muddy in some spots.shoes11


I removed my shoes and pants but did not try to clean them up as they’ll just get dirty again the next time I head up there to work, so I put them aside to dry out.

I had just enough time before dark to sit with the chickens for a bit.chickens12


Nice day.

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