Hauling Mulch and Installing a Radiator Overflow Tank On the Van

Saturday February 1, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Hauling mulch

I started off the day moving 4 wheelbarrows of woodchips to the raspberry patch. I figured that would get me started and it did.

Overflow bottle mounting

After that I opened up the van to figure out where to  mount a radiator bottle for the overflow. There’s not much room to mount a tank in there so it was a bit of a puzzle.

I tried this bottle first but it had a problem.bottle


It was too close to the exhaust system and might melt.bottlehot


Tire pressure check

I set that aside and checked all the tires and the spare for proper tire pressure. The spare was almost zero so it might have a slow leak hole in it somewhere so I’ll keep an eye on it and see how fast it loses it’s pressure.

And fun greasing

Next it was time to grease up the parts so I got the grease gun out and crawled under there and got it done. Keeping things greased keeps these old things from wearing out.grease


Back to the water bottle install

I decided to try some other plastic bottles for the water tank. After much messing around I was able to put this one in sideways. It just fit real good and was easy to install. I need to cut out the bottle for the hose at this point and fasten the bottle in.tank



The return hose is hooked up and the bottle is fastened in with some tie wraps that should hold. That turned out better than I thought it would.resevior


Spring indicators

It was a sunny day out, spring time weather. The daffodils I showed you the other day haven’t bloomed yet but are really ready to pop.daffs


Ha, a popped daffodil which always means spring to me.flower


Egg production up

The chickens laid more eggs today maybe because they like the sun.eggs


Hauling more woodchips

Towards evening I hauled 4 more loads of woodchips to the raspberry patch which pretty much did me in for the day so I did some chair hopping.

Raspberry plants

After that I planted about ten extra raspberry plants I had left over. I put them around the yard so I can grave on them as I walk the yard.

After dark I went out and closed up the chickens. My new roosters are making too much noise at night which means to quiet things down it’s butcher time so I had to select the ones for the deed and put the in a separate cage for the night. They squawked a lot and weren’t happy. I think I need to let it get darker so they are calmer during catch time.

Nice sunny day working and puttering around the yard.

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  1. Upriverdavid says:

    Still snowing up here, no way I can even see any of my Daffys…
    I just used and empty washer fluid bottle for my Samurai, why try and find an original?$$?
    Got your travel plans figured out yet?

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