Guerneville To Quartzsite Looking for Adventure

Friday February 22, 2019 Quartzsite Arizona

On the way

  I woke up Thursday and got the last things in the van and took off stopping in Guerneville to gas up and get a couple food items. I left town on the back roads headed for the ocean but soon was in the thick of traffic going east headed for highway 5 which heads south.

I drove all day down highway 5 through traffic and made it to the Bakersfield area just before dark.

Another way

Instead of taking the highway 58 road east from there I went down highway 5 a few more miles and took the 223 road which turned out to also be a truckers route back to highway 58 where I was headed.

Dinner break

The 223 road was called Bear Mountain road and looking ahead I could see nothing but snow up on those mountains where I was going so I was wondering if I’d get stopped by snow.

But considering it was a truck route I was hoping I might get through.

Well the road turned out to be pretty good. I made it to highway 58 where the 223 road comes onto it by a National Cemetery. I stopped there on the side of the road for a cup of coffee and something to eat. It wasn’t raining or showing in this spot.

Lots of snow

After a break I got back on the road and hit heavy snow in just a few miles from where I stopped. It was really coming down, a blizzard but luckily it wasn’t sticking. I was also thinking good to have this good set of mud and snow tires on the rig for this kind of stuff.

Well the snow came down hard all the way over the pass but I made it.

Lush area

Here’s a photo I took going down highway 5. I’ve never seen it so green and lush before.road1


Night driving

Once I got over the pass and started down the other side the snow soon let up and it was just night driving with only a few cars on the road.road2


I had about 3 hours to go to get to my camp spot at Essex road. Further than I like to go but I knew there was a camp spot there.

Made camp

I got to the camp spot about midnight and soon was in bed.

Windy driving day

I got up late the next morning and continued east on highway 40 and arrived in Parker about 4PM. I gassed up the rig and did some shopping and got back on the highway 95 south to Quartzsite. It was a bit windy blowing the van around most of the day.

Here’s one of the freeways I traveled today. Not a lot of traffic just the way I like it. I was looking at all that snow on the mountains up ahead.snow


Not too far from Quartzsite here, almost there. My kind of desert.road4


Made it to Quartzsite

I pulled into Quartzsite just about dark and went over to the library to use the internet. But when I got to the library I couldn’t find any open access like there was last year and it was after five so I wasn’t sure if they just turned it off for the night.

A Canadian helps out

A Canadian guy pulled up on his quad and looked like he was connecting to the internet so opened the door an asked him if he could get connected.

Yes he said as he’d gotten the new password earlier which he gave to me so I checked my email.

Patti and Marty’s place

From there I headed over to Patti and Marty’s. It was real dark  now so I had a bit of trouble finding them but I did.


I found Patti cooking dinner and Marty was where he said he’d be. Flat on his back in bed.

Seems Marty screwed up his back real bad a short time ago and flat on his back is about all he can do right now.

We shot the bull until dinner was ready so I went outside and situated my van in their yard the best I could in the dark.

I’m  always happy to have the driving over with and now I can relax.

That was my day.

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3 Responses to Guerneville To Quartzsite Looking for Adventure

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice to see that you made it, Now some Quartzsite fun, we do love that town.

  2. DAVID EVANS says:

    Bob’s on the road again..Cool!…More adventures to share….

  3. Diane says:

    That’s a nice road you took to avoid Bakersfield. My dad told me about it years ago. I think it goes through the town of Arvin, and then you go up into the hills. Sorry to hear the truck drivers have found it! It used to be a nice quiet road. Safe travels.

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