Grizz Flat Camp Waiting For Ray, But No Ray

Monday August 5, 2019 Troy Oregon

Wait it out

Today the plan is to take it easy and wait and see if Ray shows up from his visit to his daughter’s in Bend Ore. I really don’t expect him but I’m hoping he’ll surprise me and show up.

Visit with Sue

Anyway since I had some time I went back up to visit Sue to shoot the bull with her about old times. She’s 94 and uses a walker but mostly looks pretty healthy for one that age.

I was there the other day and Patsy wanted to know if that deer in one of the pictures was real. Sure was, this is back country with lots of wild life.

More deer

Here’s some more deer in her yard if you want to see horns.yard


I’ll help you out a bit. These are wild but no one is shooting at them for now.deer


Some more of the critters taking it easy, eh.deer2


Many thanks

Sue and I had a good visit and as I left I thanked her for all the old time things we did together, like hunting and fishing and eating and making a bit of moonshine and much much more. :O)

Each time I leave I never know if I’ll see her again and I have plenty to be thankful for because of her and her husband Ted the one room school teacher here then.

Got some water too and back to Troy

I filled up my water jugs at Sue’s and then drove on back down the hill to this spot in town which seems to be mine for now. Wi-Fi is at the school across this old bridge. Some people see the old van and come by to talk about it and chat. It’s surprising how much that old van gets attention in places like this. I’ll be going back to this spot this evening until dark.van


Walk around town

I walked around town, maybe two blocks. This is the store which is open but has no gas. I  hear they have Wi-Fi there


This is an old house I walked by looking up the canyon. It’s actually one of the newer ones in the


Grizz Flat camp spot

After a couple hours down town I drove back over to my camp spot at Grizz Flat. I looked on the sign today to see how to spell grizz and that’s it.

Here’s my spot where I spent the day waiting for Ray’s arrival. It was a bit hot so all the doors are open. Most of the day had a good breeze which helped a


False alarm

Around the time I thought Ray might arrive I thought I heard maybe him driving in but no it was just a helicopter. I think there’s a fire around here somewhere as the day seems a bit smoky.

I was looking out my doors in this direction one of the times I though someone was driving in and spotted a wild turkey feeding out in the field. It turned out the turkey was the only thing that moved around here today, except for me. There’s no one around right now except for me.

Anyway here’s the view when I spotted the turkey.field


There it is and knows I’m here and is staying real still.turkey


I’m been putting this blog together and will drive down to Troy in a bit and spend some time there in my spot maybe go for a swim and check the internet.

Dong what one likes to do

Ray hasn’t arrived and it’s 7PM so he must be doing what he likes to do somewhere else and now I can do what I like to do here and that’s the way it should be. :O)

It’s been a nice relaxing day just loafing around Troy.

Great day.

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  1. George Yates says:

    Relaxing days are wonderful, I guess you may or may not have Ray again as company.

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