Granny’s Place, A Big Redwood tree and Apricots

Tuesday June 22, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Finding a Notary

Today I needed to find a notary to sign some papers and delivery them.

That sounds easy but finding a notary in Guerneville didn’t turn out to be so easy and I was prepared to go over to the city to get it done.

But at the last minute I found one I thought would work so I called. No, that person is so on vacation, but.

She did tell me that Lark’s Drug in downtown Guerneville did it so I called and yes there was a lady there that would do it so that made everything easy as I didn’t have to drive a long ways.

So I drove on down to the little town of Guerneville and met the lady and we did our business chatting along the way.

Headed to Granny’s old house

Now the signed papers had to go to my grandmother’s old house which has been turned into what they call Applewood an expensive bed and breakfast place, very upscale.  I think. It may be something else as it’s just changed hands and they are remodeling everything.


Now Granny only had one house there and it wasn’t this one as I got out of my car.apple1


I saw a guy in the driveway so started chatting with him telling him I was here to see Emily the head lady this was my granny’s place a long time ago.

Eventually Emily came walking down the driveway so I gave her my papers. She said unfortunately she wasn’t able to give me a tour but said I could wonder around and have a look, so I did.

Checking the place out

There’s houses built around this spot and one is a restaurant. That back house looked like it might be my Granny’s so I headed for that one to see if there was anything I could recognize in it.apple2


Granny’s place

I walked in and there it was, the fireplace. It’s a back to back fireplace and there is one on the other side of the wall made out of the little round rocks that can be found outside. Not much changed here.grandmas3


Up the stairs

I headed for the steps that take one upstairs and they were the same and this part was mostly the same and recognizable.


This was looking down from the upstairs roof balcony into what I guess would be called a courtyard.apple5



I went back downstairs and checked out the old sunroom with the round curve where us kids used to play a lot. Recognizable.sunroom4



After a good tour I headed for home but first I needed to go to the local auto parts store to get some new headlights for my car as one of them was out.

That worked out and I bought these. I was only going to get one but the guy there mentioned two and since they weren’t very costly and this kind is easy to change I decided I might as well to save me the time later.lights9



I started for home again but decided to go visit John and Cheryl so I did and found John home talking to Brian in the yard but no Cheryl, but she showed up later.

So I shot the bull with John and Brian until about 5 when Cheryl showed up so I chatted with her a bit and it was time to leave.

The Lightning Tree

On the way to the car John asks if I’d ever seen the big redwood just up the hill called the Lightning Tree as the top is bare. No I hadn’t so we walked up the road a short distance to check it out.

There it is a fairly large redwood tree with a big burl on it. I wasn’t able to see the top from this spot.tree6


We walked past the tree to have a look and then headed on back to John’s house back down that road.tree7


New tires

I made it home and my new front quad runner tires were there but I wasn’t ready to install them today.tires8


Picking apricots

I noticed one of my apricot trees had ripe cots on it. I know better than to wait too long or the birds will eat them all up, so I got the ladder out and picked them all on that tree.This is the first year that tree gave apricots as it’s a new tree I planted.

Freeze them for popsicles

My plan is to split the cots into halves and freeze them. Then you eat them like popsicles and they are very good that way and one of the easier ways to have apricots later.

Here’s what I picked off that one tree. If I really have a good year I’ll have enough to give some away, but not this year.apricots10


Nice day.

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