Good To Get All That Dirt Moved and Now I Can Take It Easy

Tuesday February 14, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Moving dirt day

I was hoping to finish up the water main project of my brother’s today. All I had to do was get all the dirt back in the ditch. It went faster than I expected and I got it done in about two hours with my brother’s help. Good to get that job done.dirt


Taking it easy, out of energy

After that I went back to my place and had a nap and then fixed something to eat.

Then it was out in the yard doing some chair hopping.

Eventually I decided to do some little projects that needed done, that didn’t take a  whole lot of energy as I was mostly out of that.

New brake lever install

I cut the new brake handle down a bit for the dirt bike and got it installed. Hopefully a shorter brake lever will last longer and not get broken so easily.lever


New cord to hook up the generator install

I’d ordered up a new fifty amp cord to hook up the new generator and it needed to get installed. I cut the plug off that came with it and prepped the wire end. But I found I didn’t have a large enough part to feed the new wire into the electrical box so that’s all I could do for now until I get the part at the hardware store. At least I got that started.wire



I was doing some chair hopping when I heard a commotion  from the chickens. chickens


It seems they’d found an avocado that had fallen from the tree and thought it was a real good treat. Darn, they beat me to that one.avocado


Nice day.

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One Response to Good To Get All That Dirt Moved and Now I Can Take It Easy

  1. Judith says:

    Not surprised your chickens are avocado competitors. I’ve never known anyone who didn’t like them. They are right up there for my preferences of things that come from trees, including, in order of preference, apricots, pecans, and apples. There’s probably something I’ve forgotten. Wouldn’t mind some almonds or pistachios. But avocados would come first. Didn’t have one until I was about 20 years old.. ha. Sounds like you had a relatively easy day, except losing out on the avocado.

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