Getting Stuff Done Between the Rains

Friday January 13, 2023 Guerneville CA.


It started raining again late last night and continued into the day. I fed the chickens and went back in the house, thinking of house work,…….But.

Now that the power was back on, I did a couple loads of wash and that was it for the housework.

The rain finally stopped just after noon so I went out for a walk.

I walked over to a neighbor’s to one of Tom’s gardens to see what was growing


Mostly weeds right now, but I wanted to check out the asparagus patch, to see if it was coming up yet, so I had to walk across the field to the far corner where the asparagus was planted, the brown  patch there in the far corner.patch


No asparagus were coming up so nothing to show.


I noticed these flowers were starting to bloom. The plant is very similar to daffodils, but the flowers are different and these come up before the daffodils.narcisis



On the way back to my house I stopped at the neighbors to check out this citrus tree to see if they were ripe.

They were mandarins and almost ripe, so I stole a few of them. A bit sour, but still tasty.citrus


Back in the house for me. I did some computer stuff and upgrade a cell phone someone gave me.


A bit before dark, I moved this pineapple guava brush to the brush pile.tree


That brush was enough to make my back sore, but not too bad. Good thing there wasn’t any more of it.brusless


Kitty Kat

My neighbors kat came by. She said hi, then had a good scratch.kitty


Just before dark I put the chickens away for the night, locking them in their pen to protect them from other critters of the night.roost


About dark, the rain picked up again and is still raining.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to Getting Stuff Done Between the Rains

  1. Anonymous says:

    narcissus plant

    • Bob says:

      Thanks, I figured it might not be spelled right, but I just couldn’t pin it down, so you go it that way.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    Nice day, glad your power is back and not too much rain.

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