Getting Close to Finishing Up Clearing the Old Forest Trail

Sunday June 6, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Tended the chickens and worked on removing some more old well sediment for about an hour.

Clearing the old forest trail

I got the tools together and rode up into the hills to the old forest trail to do some more clearing on it.

I’ve almost got all the sticks and rocks off it now. I went on through here throwing sticks off the trail.trail1


And I cleared a path through here so it’s easy to walk now.trail2


And on through here, I had to  move this redwood long that was across the trail.trail3


Scenic creek

The trail goes by this creek which is fairly scenic.trail4


The creek only runs when it rains in the winter so it’s dry now.creel5


Another dry creek view, lots of big ferns.creek6


Some stuff I was able to walk under so I left it and went on through here throwing sticks off the trail so I wouldn’t trip over them.trail6


I cleared sticks off the trail here to  make it easier to get through.trail7


I worked on that until about six and was bushed so headed on home on the quad taking this road towards home.road9



When I got home the chickens were at the gate as I was late letting them out into the front yard and they like to get in there to feed.gate9


Sharing berries

I noticed these two found the raspberries getting ripe and were eating the lower ones but since there are so many berries they don’t seem to be doing them much damage so maybe we can share.berreis11


A bit of cramping

All that work caused my hands to cramp in the evening and I felt my legs getting cramped while walking in the yard so I kept walking to keep the cramps from getting worse. Using muscles hard on an older body like I just did can cause some pretty good cramps. I was able to keep the cramps down to minimal, at least so far.

Nice day.

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  1. Curlydog says:

    Drink more water and take some magnesium to help stop that cramping. Hydrating is important.

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