Gas Lines and Forest Trail Work, Peaches, Strawberries and Raspberries, Yummy

Sunday July 25, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Gas hookups

I needed to have a look at the connectors on my van’s TBI unit so I dove into that first thing. I wanted to change those hose connectors to something better but when I pulled the fittings off they turned out to be something special so I’ll have to use what I have.
The fittings are made to accept a nylon gas line so that’s likely what I should use to hook this up as I don’t want to use any more black rubber hose as it get’s holes in it too easy.

The TBI unit.tbi


Trail work

Next I had a small log I wanted to cut out of the way up on the trail I was working on in the forest so I got my chainsaw out and rode on up to the place I needed to cut the  log here and I cut the log out of the way.trail


Then I rode on up the trail through here.trail3


And on through here to a spot I did some work for a couple hours moving sticks and rocks off the trail.trail4


Taking the long way home

After I got the work done I decided to ride on home the long way going up this road.road5


Fire break

I rode on by this fire break. That green stuff is not grass but brush called scotch broom which doesn’t make a good fire break.break6


Stuck stick

I got a stick hung up under the quad here so had to stop to remove it before I could continue.quad7


Spring water

And when I rode by the water tanks I looked across at the water level gauge which indicated the tanks were full of spring water.tanks8


And then I rode down this road headed to my brother’s garden to check out the strawberries.road9


Ripe peaches

But the peaches caught my eye so I ate one of those. Yummy.peaches10


Then I made it over to the strawberry patch and ate a few strawberries.patch11


From there I rode on home for a good nap.

Raspberry patch

Later I went back outside and ate a few raspberries in the raspberry patch.paspberries12


Rodent trap improvements

And just before dark I did some work on improving this rodent trap.trap14


I added some metal pieces to make it harder to steal the bait without getting caught.trap



This was my sunset as the sun went down.sky13


Nice day.

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