Fueling the Dozer and Taking It Up Higher On the Hill

Tuesday May 2, 2023 Guerneville CA.

When I checked the weather they said there would be some thunder showers this afternoon.

Dozer fuel

I hung around the yard taking it easy until about one when I decided to take some fuel up to the dozer. I filled up my container and rode up to where the dozer was.

It didn’t take long to put some fuel in it.fuel


I wasn’t sure about the rain showers. I would need the dozer higher on the hill the next time I ran it, so it seemed like a good idea to drive it up higher on the hill about a half mile or so.

Forgot the camera

About a quarter mile away from the quad runner, I remembered I left my camera on top of the quad in it’s pouch. Hummm, I hope it doesn’t rain as it’s not water proof.

The dozer got left on the side of the hill where I wanted it and I headed on back to the quad runner. I had to walk back down the hill which wouldn’t take long however throwing rocks and sticks off the road took a lot more time. That all gives me some good exercise.

If it started to rain, I could hurry along and get back pretty fast, but it looked like the showers would hold off.

And  I made it back before any rain showers hit.quad


And the camera was right in that pouch on the seat where I left it.pouch


I rode on home and took it easy the rest of the day. The showers held off until just before dark and they weren’t  much.

Nice day.

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