Fuel Oil Delivery, A Big Hole, No Work and the Cat Comes By

Monday February 6, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Good intensions gone bad

I had some good intentions today of cutting up some down tree limbs in the yard and picking up some brush.

But before I got out of bed the phone rang. It was my heating oil fuel guy who said he’d be there to fill my fuel tank in two hours, so I got up and got it going.

The guy must of snuck in

Once I got it gong I went outside and there he was in his big truck. I was surprised as I hadn’t heard him drive in.truck


We shot the bull some

He filled up my tank, about 250 gallons and then we shot the bull for a bit. Then I showed him how to get in and out of my electric gate in his big truck in case I’m not here sometime when he deliver’s. I showed him how to get in and out, mostly so he won’t break it using it the wrong way and it wouldn’t be good if it slammed into his truck.

Here he’s just leaving in his big truck going out my driveway.DSC00027


Raining too much to work in it

At this time I was going to cut up some downed tree branches, but it was raining lightly, just enough to get wet if I worked in it.

Hole in the driveway

I did notice his big truck tires had put a hole in my asphalt. Not his fault as old redwood roots are decaying down there in places so I never know where it might sink. He did the same thing last time in the same place which I had put some gravel in before, so it just needs some more gravel.

I went back in the house and puttered around a bit thinking the rain might let up soon, but it didn’t. It just rained real light all day so I never made it out there to do any work.

Cat comes by for a snack

That all meant I spent the day in the house mostly doing very little. The cat came by and wanted in for something to eat. Even though her owner has come back off a vacation, the cat comes by for a snack in the afternoon. By now it was raining a bit harder, so the cat curled up and had a good nap until the evening when there was a bit of a short break in the rain so it wanted out. I opened the door for her and she scooted out into the dark.

It’s still raining fairly hard as I write this blog.

And that was my lazy day. :O)

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One Response to Fuel Oil Delivery, A Big Hole, No Work and the Cat Comes By

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Hello Bob. Our day sounds pretty much the same, what else on a rainy day! With the exception of me having a dog napping on my lap instead of a cat. Looks like today is the same so I’ll have to bring out some indoor hobby.

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