Forest Work, Moving Rocks and Tools

Tuesday May 8, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Rainy night

I was surprised to hear it raining last night. It quit before I got it going, but the ground was still wet so I changed my plans for the day.

To start off, I hauled some woodchips to the garden area for about an hour or so.woodchips1


Moving tools

Then I rode the quad runner up to this spot where I had some tools stashed. I picked them up to move them higher on the hill where I was going to use them for some more trail work.tools2


Moving rocks

On the way up, I stopped here to move some rocks.rocks3


A few of the rocks were big, so I had to roll them to their spots.boulder4


Peaceful day

I hadn’t planned to work on the rocks so much. I was just going to move a few of them to this dam, but as I got working on them, I decided to keep at it as it was a nice peaceful spot in the forest. For some reason, it was even more peaceful than it usually is up there. An especially quiet day with only a bird or two breaking the peace with an occasional call.

I moved a lot of rock today and lost count of how many. This is looking pretty good now, but I’ll likely add a few more rocks eventually.dam5


The forest was looking nice in this spot where I was working.forest6


Moving up higher

After I was done there I headed on up the hill to the place I wanted to take the tools to.

Out of gas

But on the way, my quad runner died in this spot. I suspected I was out of gas, so put it on reserve and tried to start it, but it wouldn’t start, so I tried rolling it down the hill and starting it on compression and it fired right up so I was again on my way up the hill.quad7


I made it to the spot for the tools. I was too beat to use them, but I did take them out the trail and drop them where I’d eventually use them.quad8


Enough work for one day

Then I sat in this spot to finish out the day as I’d already done enough work for one day.view10


Most of the rain clouds left the area for the day.view9


Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    First photo makes it look like quite a little cavern next to your rock work. Still shivering over yesterday’s centipede. I am NOT a fan of those.

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