Forest Work, Making Some Repairs and Spring Is Here

Friday January 27, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Brake lever fix

After ordering two new brake handles last night I thought about it and did this fix. I drilled a hole in the end of the broken lever and found a 2 and a half inch  long screw that just barely screwed into the hole, cutting threads, as I installed it. The screw threads were a bit sharp, so I installed a little piece of plastic pipe that did the trick.lever1


Works good

Giving it a try out today, I liked it. I think it’s better than the longer ones and may not get broken so easily.

Forest work

It seems like a never ending task but it keeps me busy and it’s good exercise, although, sometimes a bit more than I need, as my body is pretty beat by the end of each day. Fortunately, the Ol body recoveries most days.

Road work

I rode on up this road and stopped to cut that bush there, out of the road. But before I got to that bush, I went the other way and threw sticks and rocks and cut bushes off the road which took about 45 minutes, then I was able to get to that little bush that took five minutes.bush2


Trail work

From there I rode on up the road to the trail I was working on and worked on making this part of the trail better. I worked for about three hours on that.trail3


Little mushroom

On the way back down the trail , I spotted this little mushroom, called Witches Butter, I think.butter4


I made it back to  the dirt bike, in the background there, and rode on home for a short nap.bike5


Chair hopping

Then I did some chair hopping with the chickens. They like to hang out with me.chickens6


Nothing quite like having some chickens in the yard.chickens7


Automatic chicken door opener repair

About an hour before it got dark, I remembered I’d gotten the part in for my automatic gate opener for the chicken’s pen. The new part got installed and the thing was bolted back into place. The unit pulls the pipe latch away from the door so the spring loaded door opens when it’s time to let the chickens out to graze the yard before I get it going in the morning. I’m holding  up that yellow plastic which drapes over the unit to help keep the rain off the unit.latch8


The unit is hooked to this little timer that activates the unit at the set time, which is 9 or 10 AM. Hawks feed starting at day break, so I let them out a bit later hoping the hawks have already eaten.timer9


Spring is here

I was headed for the house, just before dark when I saw these daffodils, the first ones this year.daffs10


It looks like a nice crop of them this year and they’ll all be blooming soon.daffs11


Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    So spring is near and you no longer have to get up with the chickens if you don’t want to.

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