Forest Work and An Oil Change For My Car

Sunday January 29, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Forest work

First thing, I rode on up to the trail I was working on in the forest. Realizing on the way up, I”d forgotten my camera.

Bit of rain

I was working away, when it started to rain lightly. My weather guy didn’t say anything about that and I hoped it was just a light shower, which it mostly was.

I worked a good long day on the trail, quitting at 4:30 PM when I rode on home for the day and a nap.

Oil change

I hadn’t planned on it and was gong to do it another day. But I got started on changing the oil in my car. I figured I had just about enough time to do it, before it got dark out.oil


It was starting to get dark about the time I added new oil to the car’s engine. Good to get that done.oiled


Nice day.

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