Forest Ride and the Young Eagle Comes Back For It’s Prize

Friday September 8, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Ride in the forest

My other brother Tom joined Barry and I on a ride in the forest today. Barry mounted his chainsaw on his bike and we rode on up into the forest to cut some trees off the road that were blocking it.trees1


We didn’t get far before we ran into the next tree to remove.tree2


Then we rode around a bit and ended up here by our pond. Well, it’s a puddle but it’s the largest body of water on the property, so it’s our pond. I picked up the cam card here.pond3


The only thing on the cam card was this grey squirrel getting a drink of water.squirrel11


From there we rode over to where we saw the young bald headed eagle yesterday. I’d put a game cam there yesterday

This looks like a bobcat going by the dead turkey vulture which is on the right of it. It didn’t’ seem to be interested in the dead bird.bobcat


The eagle returns

This is what was on the cam, a few hours before we showed up today.

The young eagle lands and heads for the dead turkey vulture on the right.eagle3


It picks up the dead bird and carries it across the road.eagle4


And lands with it here where it eats it some.eagle5


I think it is trying to pick up the dead bird to pack it off which it did.eagle7


It hauls the dead bird carcass just a short distance down the road.flys8


And lands it here to eat on it until we showed up and scared it off.lands9


We showed up and Barry, being in the lead sees it fly off down over the bank.bikers10


I wished I’d set the cam on video for this. I think the video might get better pictures.

Anyway we rode off and rode around some more before Tom left us and went on home.

Barry and I cut these trees off the road.cutting5


Almost done.cleared4


Barry realized he’d left his phone up at our break area earlier. We took the chainsaw back to my house and then went for another ride to retrieve his cell phone and after that, rode all around the place again before heading back to my house.

We did go by the spot where the eagle was and I set the game cam on video so we’ll see if that gets better pictures of things.

Nice day.

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4 Responses to Forest Ride and the Young Eagle Comes Back For It’s Prize

  1. Judith says:

    So! It did come back. Buzzard must be better than I would have thought. (I know. Vulture.) Hope your back was good…you didn’t mention, but maybe you are just being stoic.

  2. don striepeke says:

    from what i can see you have 1 or 2 year old golden eagle

    • Bob says:

      Well Don, I think you are right about the young golden eagle.
      I’ve only seen one golden eagle while I was kayaking on the river, a mature one. The leg feathers are also different than the bald eagle and they look more like a fighter jet than the bald eagle does. I wasn’t aware that the young golden eagle has so much white on it.

  3. Nancy K says:

    It surprises me that the eagle went for the vulture. Glad to see a healthy young eagle. He’s a beauty. You got some great pictures there!!

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