Forest Ride and Talking With a State Park Guy

Wednesday September 13, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Forest ride

Yes, we do a lot of rides up into the forest. For pleasure and for the exercise.

We stopped here to pick up a trail cam card.cams


We rode around for a bit, then rode on up to my cousin’s place for a visit.cousins


But no one was home except their dogs, so we rode on up to our rest area on their property.rop


Always a nice view from up there as it’s one of the highest peaks around.view


After a good break we rode around some more covering most of the roads and trails on the property, then headed for home.

I said to Barry, let’s go up to the state park, next door ,and have a chat with the head guy there about ours and our neighbors property sales to the park. He was in for that so we rode on up there in his truck.

Just entering the park.park


The office was up on the upper end of the park so we rode on up there through the big trees.trees


We found the head guy here, so had a good talk with the head guy, exchanging information. We are a bit old fashioned so we like to talk in person instead of on the telephone. It helps to get to know the guys better when things are in


Trail cam

There wasn’t too much on the cam cards, but this fox came by a couple of times to get a drink of

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Love your foxy friends. These guys are pretty acrobatic. Always better to talk in person in my book, especially when you’re taking about a sale.

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