Folding Shelf Bracket, Dirt Bike Ride and Installing the New Radiator

Thursday May 18, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Last night’s planning

I had a look at the set of fold down shelf brackets I purchased at the store last night and I didn’t like how they worked.

Looking for something better

I  had a look at Amazon for something better and only found some larger things that were likely too big for what I needed in the van.

How to search on Amazon

When I don’t find what I want at Amazon I go to Google search and try there as they have a better search engine that covers more then just one store. Lots of times, one just needs to get names of what one searches for right. When I find what I want I go back to Amazon using the right search words for what I want and they usually have what I want for a better price than what I found on Google.

RVDesign’s folding shelf brackets

That’s what I did last night and found RVDesign’s folding shelf brackets for RV’s. Perfect.

I ordered up a set. They come with their own hinge so I don’t need the one I bought and the whole thing will  make installing the shelf much easier.


Barry was out in the yard with his shovel. His plan was to dig up this little olive tree for his yard. I went out to see how he was doing and then went back in the house to get something to eat.barry1


When I came back to see how he was doing he wasn’t there and only got this much done before he quit.tree2



I think he set me up because now I have to dig it up as I don’t want it there as it’s taking up space where I can plant something else.

Dirt biking

I found Barry out by his truck getting ready to go dirt bike riding so I got my bike out to go with him as it’s real good exercise for me as well as fun too.bikes3


We rode up into the forest and rode around the roads stopping at this small downed tree that Barry moved off the road.tree3


Break spot

Eventually we wound up at this spot where we take a good break at the top of the hill. Barry keeps saying he needs to bring up his hammock every time we lay down on the ground but so far he hasn’t. There’s only a few red ants on the ground and they don’t bite but once in awhile one crawls up on you.top5


Riding around

After a good break we took off again and did some more riding around and stopped so Barry could through this little tree off the road while I watched.sticks8


Drink of water

We stopped at the spring for a nice drink of fresh spring water. Good stuff.spring



While reading around I noticed lots of foxglove flowers are staring to bloom especially in the fire break areas where the dozers turned over the ground.

Here’s just a little one by the spring. The seeds have been in the ground for years and seem to germinate when the ground gets turned over. That’s a big sticker in the foreground.fox7


Bette than the gym

Riding the dirt bikes around in these steeper hills is much better or at least more fun then going to the gym. I’ve noticed lately that I can now swing my leg over the seat to get on and off he bike which I haven’t been able to do before now which means my muscles are getting a good stretch out.

We made it back to my house and Barry took off for home.

New radiator install

My main goal today was to get the new radiator in my car so after a good break I tackled the job.

For once this job was fairly easy and I got it all done in less than an hour with no leaks. It’s nice to have a non leaky radiator. The one of the car was pretty old and really just falling apart.car9


I thought of working on digging the olive tree out but just couldn’t get into it, but I will soon.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    A busy enough day even without the olive tree digging. I think Barry set you up for that too! Oh how I would love an olive tree!
    I would imagine it takes all kinds of muscles to control the dirt bike in the hills. Not to mention balance.
    Good job on the radiator, no leaks is a good thing!

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