Foggy, Power Line Workers, Friendly Egret and Some Painting On the Van

Friday July 22, 2016 Jenner CA.

Some fog at Jenner today

The sun was out when I left my house this morning. When I arrived at Jenner, the fog was in and the wind was blowing a bit as I put my boat in the water and crossed over the river to Penny Island.foggy


Power guys hard at it

As I paddled up past the island the fog was starting to clear at least over my head and I could see a boat and some power guys up on the power pole on the island, looking back down the river.wireguys


They replaced the guide wires last week and now they were repairing all the wiring hardware on the pole.pole


I continued on up the river at my usual slow pace going past these logs.upriver


A momma mallard with her three young swam past me.duckies


I paddled only a short distance up the river to this spot where I sat for a good spell watching things.sitspot


This female mallard duck cruised by me as I watched,  not much bothered by my presence.mallard


Eventually I headed back down the river and went to shore by that brush pile up ahead.jenner


Went for a little walk

I put ashore here and went for a little walk exploring, looking for the old trails which are mostly overgrown with brush.boat


I had a nice little walk and when I got back to my boat I sat down here for a rest and to cool down as I’d gotten a bit warm pushing through the brush.seatspot


I got back in my boat and paddled down the north side of Penny Island a bit where I would cross over to the boat ramp.

I visit with this egret as it fishes

As I was slowly moving along here by the reeds, this egret walked right up to me fishing away. The wind was blowing it’s feathers a bit.gret


It fished there in front of me for about ten minutes before flying off to another spot.egret


Since it was so close, I tried a close up shot.egrethead2


Talked with Ray about picking up my new engine

I paddled on over to the boat ramp and went on home. On the way, I stopped to see Ray and line him and his truck up for next week to pick up my new engine for my van.

We visited for awhile and then I went on home for a nap.

Working on the van

Eventually I went out and did a little work on the van. I mostly did some more painting on the inside and outside of the engine compartment, just taking it easy and not working too hard at it as I have most of the stuff done to put in the new engine when I get it. Not to say I don’t have any more to do , but I have all weekend to finish up what I need to do.

That was pretty much my day.

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