Fixing Stuff and a Ride In the Forest

Sunday July 23, 2023 Guerneville CA.

New Watch

My new watch doesn’t seem to be working right as the touch screen doesn’t work.

I took it over to my neighbor’s to see if she could get it to work, just to be sure. She couldn’t get it to work either so I guess I’ll be needing to get it replaced.

Then she says, could you look at my van as I’m trying to get a new latch on the  water heater door, but having some trouble getting it on. I looked at it and tried to get it on but was fighting it and not having any success, so I drilled the hole out a little to hopefully make it work.catch1


Not right

We did get the new latch on but now the spring on it, was in the way of the door closing, so that wasn’t right.

Just as I was about to try it again wrong, I saw the puzzle solution, and now the new latch installed much easier and now worked like it should.


My old pitchfork that I put a limb from a tree on as a handle  many years ago needed some repairs. The wood was a bit rotten where the fork goes into the handle and the fork wouldn’t stay in the  handle which made it a bit hard to use. I thought of making another new handle but that’s a lot of work.pitchfork2


The fork

I cleaned up the fork a bit and was surprised to find this stamped on it. It looks like a hand forged piece and has been around for a bit. I don’t remember where I found the fork without a handle a long time ago. It says KU AUSTRIA .handforged3


Epoxy putty

I decided to use some epoxy putty on it but first I needed to find the putty in all my stuff. At first I couldn’t find it as I thought it was in the van somewhere. I found it in the house on my work bench and it was getting a bit old, but should still work.fixit4


All you do is cut a piece off the epoxy roll and kneed it with your fingers and apply it. It’s putty so it stays where you put it. Oh, by the way, that knife was hand forged by my friend Marty, who gave it to  me.epoxy5


I pushed a bunch of it into the bad handle then pushed the fork shank into it. It looks like this now. I’ll let it set up overnight and it should be good to go.fixed6


A nap was in order after that.

Bike ride

Later in the day, I took one of  my game cams up to this spring to set it up to see if anything is drinking here. I put the cam up on the hill to the right, just above the  water pipe.springcam7


I headed towards home down this trail.trail8


I was thinking an apple would be nice, so I stopped here at these apple trees. I’ve been eating these apples since I was a kid.trees


This particular apple tree always has sweet crispy apple even when they are the size of marbles. It’s a Gravenstein apple.

I grabbed a couple of them and  ate them.apples


Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    I have a hard time not being envious when I check your blog. Apples! Spring water! Fine pitchforks. Though only the first two I would be likely to actually partake of.

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