Fire Evacuation Notice Issued

Saturday October 26, 2019

Not good news

I got it going late today. When I stepped out the door I  met  my brother Tom and Dominique. He says do you know the news? No I say.

He says says there’s fire evacuation notices everywhere and we’ll likely get one soon.


So I went back in  the house and checked the internet to see what was what and sure enough they were evacuating most everyone everywhere around here.

So I walked over to talk with the neighbors to see how things were going with them and they were getting ready to get out.

But hey the problem right now is all the city people are trying to get out and need gas so plug up our stations in town and they also plug up all the highways.

So better to stay home for now and the fire is a long way away for now.

The problem is they are expecting big winds tonight and the power company already said they were going to shut most everyone off because of the wind which means traffic light work not so good, so that’s why the early evac notice.

Now with high winds it blows the hot embers so a fire can move fast but it usually jumps from ridge top to ridge top at first and then slowly burns down the ridges so it can be a bit safer in a valley.

Anyway I was already working on  fire prevention around the house so I continued doing that trimming tree branches back and raking up leaves. I did that until a bit of go around 2PM.

So it’s break time as I need a rest.

My thoughts so far is I’ll stay for now and continue doing what I can and also load up my van just in case I have to make a fast run for it. I’m pretty comfortable in my van.

I’ve been through some forest fires in my time and for a bit I ran a bull dozer to fight fire so they aren’t something new to me. They are something to respect though. :O)

If I stay I can put out any embers on my house and the neighbors. That would all depend on how bad the fire got.

Right now history is on my side as fires usually burn up and out of this river valley and burn all our neighbors to the rest as the fire makes it way to the coast. That the history for here but things can always change from what they usually do.

Anyway right now I’m sitting tight as it’s no use going out and fighting the city people escaping. I’m safe and the fire is quite a ways away.

I will continue to evaluate things and go from there.

So far nice day. :O)

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