Finishing Up This Part of the Old Trail

Wednesday April 26, 2023 Guerneville CA.

One more day

I really wanted to get this part of the old forest trail done and I figured I could get it done in about one more day, so off I went up into the hills on my motor bike to this spot where I’d be working today.trail1


Trail work

Most of this part of the trail I just needed to widen it out a few inches and smooth it out. I started at the top and worked down the trail smoothing as I went. The foreground is the smooth trail and the background is the trail that is getting smoothed out and widened a bit. I only have about fifty feet left to go at this spot.trail2



Big roots really slow me down as I have to dig them up and then chop them off. This is the last one and I’m almost done for the day.root3


Nap time

That turned out to be more than enough work for one day and I was beat and rode on home for a good nap.

Big pile of chips

I put the chickens away just before dark and noticed this big pile of woodchips got delivered while I was napping. I’ll turn them into mulch.woodchipx


It was good to get the hard part of that trail done. There’s still lots to do on the other parts of it, but I can slow up now that I got that part done.

Nice day.

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