Finishing Up the Van’s Solar Panel Kit Installation

Monday May 30, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Solar install continues

The sky was nice and blue when I went out to work on the van


I’m installing the solar kit on the van which I started yesterday.vanback


Read the directions

The instructions said I should cover up the solar panels to prevent getting shocked while doing the installation. Sometimes it pays to read the directions.covered


I don’t like leaks

I ran the wires from the roof down this back corner so I didn’t have to drill any holes in the roof. No water leaks that way.wire


Drilling holes

Then I had to drill some holes under the van so I set up for that and got the holes drilled, but.drill


Ouch on the back

After drilling the first hole my back gave me some real pain. There’s lots of getting under the van and back up, many times and that did it.

I went in the house and put a cold pack on my back for a couple of hours before continuing.

After that I had to be real careful of my back if I wanted to get  this job done.

Control panel hookup

I ran the wires from the panels on the roof to this spot where I needed to install and hook wires to the control panel.van


I’m setting up the control panel and hooking the wires to it.controlwire


Hooking up to the batteries

I hooked the control panel to the batteries here at my original battery control panel which I had on a hinge so it was easy to get to.panel


Doing things differently

I used the green wires to mount the control panel instead of the screws as the screws would of messed up opening up these little doors which I use to store stuff. It may not be real pretty, but it works and does what I need it to do.controler


Got er done

Here’s my new folding shelf with the new controller mounted. The sun has set by now so there’s no charging but it looks like the control panel is working OK>mounted


I shut the chickens up for the day and went in the house to continue nursing my back. I hurt it pretty good today, worse than my normal hurts. Such is older age.roosting


Good to get that task done.

Nice day.

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4 Responses to Finishing Up the Van’s Solar Panel Kit Installation

  1. Patritia I Richards says:

    Agreed that you will enjoy having the extra power. Amazing how much one panel adds. good job!

  2. Nancy K says:

    I love how you can set all that up the unconventional way and it works. Can’t tell you how much I love my solar panels that I did NOT install myself. You’re going to love yours too.

  3. Shane Carr says:

    Hi Bob, I really enjoy your blog thanks alot. What wattage are your solar panels? You will like the solar it is the way to go.

    • Bob says:

      100 each for 200 total. That should be enough for my needs. I only have one battery, as my needs aren’t much, only for my electronic gear.

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