Finishing Up the Van Loading and Some Trip Planning

Saturday February 8, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Van prep day

I decided to get as much into the van today as I could. That would include everything except the last minute stuff. I worked on that all day but I took  my time as there’s not much to load, mostly clothes and food so that’s what I did.

Some wash

I also did a bit of laundry to get some clean shirts that I wanted to take with me. Might as well start out clean eh. That’s it hanging on the van’s doors to dry.van


Radiator looks good

I checked under the van to see if the radiator was leaking or not. Fortunately it was dry so all is good in that department.

Prepped my chicken assistant

I also puttered around doing some last minute chicken stuff so things will be ready for Dominique, my assistant who will be minding the chickens while I’m gone.

And more woodchips

And of course I moved more woodchips to the raspberry patch. A few more loads tomorrow and it should have enough woodchips for awhile.

Wheelbarrow is loaded with the woodchips and ready to drive over to the raspberry patch. I think I got 5 or 6 loads done today.pile


Teaching Dominique the cam

Towards evening I went over to Dominique’s to show her how to set up one of my video cams so she can use it at her place while I’m gone. That went ok and we got it done so now she can play with it and learn how to use it.

395 research

I’ve been thinking of driving down to quartzite on 395 instead of 5 as it would be less stress and more interesting as there’s much to explore on 395.

So I did some research on the computer looking at Google Earth and some other maps for places to check out.

I can see some nice looking water ways SE of Bishop that have roads going down them I ‘d like to check out and anything else I can find.

One last yak

Since I have most of the van loaded and most of the spring yard work done I can go down and check out the steelhead fishermen tomorrow which I plan to do and then come home and finish loading up the van.

Nice day puttering around loading the van and doing yard work with a nice warm sun up in the sky.

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2 Responses to Finishing Up the Van Loading and Some Trip Planning

  1. DAVID EVANS says:

    I’ve been wanting to do 395 south of Carson city for quite some time……
    From up here in Wa. I’ve taken 97 south then 395 to Reno then over to 95 south…
    Many times from Idaho down 93 all the way or wandered around Utah south then back up to 50 or whatever….I can’t stand the freeways, old me and my old rig do not like 70+ speeds and getting pushed by all those in such a hurry…
    Back roads and the small towns seem to like my $$ and I like visiting them…They are vanishing every week…..
    Have Fun!!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh!! i see daffodils in one of those pictures!!!!!

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