Finishing Off Cutting Trees Off the Roads and Some Trail Work

Friday January 20, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Rat report

The bait station container was empty again today. Apparently they are packing the bait off and storing it someplace, so I decided not to put any more bait in the container for a few days so they can eat what they have.

The fox

This fox came by last night. I wish it’d eat more


Forest work

I figured I only had a few more small trees to get off  my Cousin’s roads and wanted to get that done, so I was off to the hills around noon today.

This little one was the first one to cut up.tree1


And another little one, I made quick work of.tree2


This one was a little larger, but I made quick work of it too.tree3


The last one

I only knew of one more, the one where the saw ran out of gas yesterday. I carefully cut that one down and as far as I know, it’s the last one.tree4


Break at the overlook

From there, I took off and headed back to our property and stopped at the Guerneville Overlook for a  break and to enjoy the day a bit.view6


The sun was out nicely.sunview5


I had some stuff to cut out on a trail I was working on, so I headed down this trail  headed for the other trail.trail7


I stopped here for a bit to check out that tree over the trail, but decided it wasn’t going to fall and it was a lot of work, so I left it.quad8


Some work up this trail

I parked at the trail where I had some stuff to cut and took the saw and walked up this trail through this area.trail9


This little log got cut off to clear the trail.log10


And then these things got cut off. limbs11


Out of gas

At the top of the trail, I cleared a way through the brush here and went about a hundred feet into the forest before the saw ran out of gas and I was too.brush12


Tired out

After taking a break, I headed back down the trail to where the quad was parked. It’s always nice to get back to one’s rig, especially when one is tired out.rig13


And I was pretty beat so I rode on home and it was nap time and the day was almost gone.

Nice day.

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