Finished the Dozer Hose Repair, Did Some Rocking and Gassing and Cutting and Visiting

Monday November 11, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Up the hill

I fed and checked the chickens water once I got it going today.

Then I put the charged battery in the Toyota and headed up the hill to where the dozer was parked here.dozer


Getting the dozer started

I installed the battery and hit the key and nothing happened. I’ve played this game before. Even though I cleaned the battery posts and battery cable clamps sometimes it still isn’t good enough for all the juice a dozer needs to start so I got out a metal bar I had and stuck it on each post until it started when the bar made a good short on the post with a spark showing that was where it was bad. The dozer started right up when I put the metal bar in the right place showing me the bad spot.

The test

With the dozer running I operated the hydraulics to the bulldozer blade to check for leaks. No leaks so now I can button up the other stuff.

No leaks on this end of he hose.newhose


And no leaks on this end either. Good, now I can put the other stuff back on the dozer.hose2


Figuring it out

I was doing pretty good until I got to this piece which I couldn’t get back on. It came off so it has to go back on, it needs to get in just the right position to fall into place, a jig saw puzzle eh.puzzle


Solving the problem

Well sometimes you just have to stop and study the problem when things aren’t working out so that’s what I did.

Eventually I got the piece in the right position to just fall into place and then all I had to do was get all the bolts back in their spots. The last two didn’t want to start in their holes so it took some more maneuvering to get them started. Tightened it all up and it was good to go.

All back together and ready to go.repaired


I had some work to do with the dozer but decided to do that another day when I had more time.

Rocking it

On the way down the hill I gathered some rocks where ever I could find them along the road. I also cut another small redwood tree down to finish the bridge bulk head I was working on yesterday as  I thought a couple more pieces on there would be


I stopped at this crossing and unloaded the rocks in the crossing.crossing


Tree work

Continuing on down the hill I stopped here to use the chainsaw and cut that leaning tree off the road.treecut


From there I drove on home for a little nap.

Going to town

Late in the afternoon I drove to town to get five gallons of gas for the Toyota and other stuff, mailed my property taxes and stopped by to talk about rodents with John whose also been having problems with them. We exchanged some ideas and I went on home.

Bridge bulkhead

I still had time to put two more logs on the bridge bulkhead so I did that and by then it was almost dark so I quit for the day.

Another nice fall day with some sun and blue sky.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    You’ve tired me out. Glad you finally stopped for the day.
    That’s a lot of good size rocks to move twice. :)

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